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Horn Entrepreneurship

Meet The New 2024 Summer Founders Cohort

For young and ambitious entrepreneurs, summertime offers an ideal opportunity to nurture and refine their ventures amidst great weather, ample free time, and positive vibes. The Summer Founders program allows a select group of students to fully immerse themselves in developing their startups. Congratulations to this year’s eight teams!

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Handing Over The Horn Series: Be Convinced You're Confident

Confidence, it's a quality often lauded as the cornerstone of success, the catalyst for self-assurance, and the formula that supports individuals toward their goals. However, upon closer inspection, you may find that the concept of confidence can sometimes lack a fixed and concrete meaning. It's one of those things that you have the power to define, control, and master. The way you can gain and later display this all comes down to your experiences and perspective. For some, confidence may manifest as a quiet inner strength, while for others, it's expressed through outward charisma and assertiveness. Ultimately, the meaning of confidence is a reflection of our individual journey.

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Unlock Your Leadership Potential With The Siegfried Fellows

Are you a student leader looking to take your skills to the next level? Are you eager to make a tangible impact on your campus and beyond? Look no further than the Siegfried Fellows program. The Siegfried Fellows program is a highly selective, cohort-based, 10-month immersive experience tailored for students with leadership aspirations. Its curriculum aims to enhance self-awareness and personal growth, foster connections with regional leaders, and ignite a drive for positive change. Participants are aspiring leaders striving to cultivate entrepreneurial mindsets, resilience, and creative problem-solving skills, all while nurturing their character virtues.

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Hen Hatch 2022 Finalists Announced

Following much deliberation, the finalists for Hen Hatch 2022, the University of Delaware’s much-anticipated premier startup competition, have been selected. The submissions this year have been from a wide range of industries, colleges, and interests, truly showing that the spirit of entrepreneurship can be found anywhere. This year’s teams made it hard on our semifinal judges, but we have managed to narrow it down to a few particularly promising and innovative startups we are proud to showcase in the final round.

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Aloha from Hawaii; Winter 2022 Study Abroad

UD Entrepreneurship students posing for a photo on the beach at Waikiki


A select group of UD entrepreneurship students attended  Horn Entrepreneurship's study abroad program in January ‘22 to Hawaii. The students described the program as “an experience of a lifetime.” The students completed course work that focused on entrepreneurship & workplace culture, while being immersed in Hawaiian culture and history. The group took time to visit historic landmarks, networked with entrepreneurs across the islands, attended lectures from accomplished industry professionals, and worked on their own research-based projects, while exploring specific workplace culture issues. 

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Thinking Outside the Box; Spring Pitch Party Results

Horn Entrepreneurship held its 2022 Spring Pitch Party on Wednesday, March 23. Students got the chance to pitch ideas for business and social ventures, in hopes of winning various awards and prizes.

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New Ideas "Spring" at Pitch Party

Horn Entrepreneurship and eClub will host the 2022 Spring Pitch Party. A hybrid format will take place, with the event as in-person for those registering as presenters.  The larger audience of spectators will remain virtual. It all takes place on March 23, from 6 - 8 p.m.

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UD Horn Welcomes Felicia Harrington

Meet Felicia Harrington. Joining the Horn team at the University of Delaware in a new position as Program Manager for EntreX Lab, a K-12 dual enrollment initiative. Felicia brings her compassion for understanding K-12 educational challenges, along with years of working with high school youth as a teacher, administrator and innovator. 

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New Horn Students Fire Off Freshman Year with Ignite!

First impressions are everything; we have heard the old adage from our parents, professors, and bosses. We have learned to dress smartly, make eye contact and offer a strong handshake. But how does an entrepreneurship education program make a first impression? How does Horn Entrepreneurship shake hands with its newest students?

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