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Horn Entrepreneurship

Celebrating Innovation: 2024 Entrepreneurship Awards Winners Revealed

Horn Entrepreneurship celebrated the achievements of 13 outstanding University of Delaware undergraduate students by awarding them more than $10,000 in cash and Venture Development Center (VDC) credit. These honors recognize the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit thriving within the university's student body.

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Where Pressure Makes Diamonds: 2024 Diamond Challenge Summit Recap

Where ideas meet innovation and charisma meets community, 2024 Diamond Challenge Summit. From April 25th to 27th, a conference celebrating entrepreneurial high school students from all around the globe, featured workshops, panel discussions, innovation sprints, and networking opportunities. Over the past few days, we've witnessed a convergence of groundbreaking ideas, disruptive strategies, and valuable insights shared by some of the brightest minds in the entrepreneurial landscape. 

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3 Reasons You Need To Apply For Horn's Awards and Scholarships

University of Delaware students, are you looking for opportunities to earn cash and recognition to fuel your college experience and future career? Horn Entrepreneurship has revamped our Awards and Scholarships with a streamlined application process, and here are three compelling reasons why you should jump on this opportunity:

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Horn Entrepreneurship's Awards & Scholarships 2024

Horn Entrepreneurship at the University of Delaware is pleased to unveil a dynamic shift in the application process for our esteemed Entrepreneurship Awards and Scholarships. Departing from traditional essays, the new modernized approach seeks to streamline the process for students while providing a better assessment through the eyes of our newly implemented selection committee, composed of Horn Entrepreneurship faculty and staff. Applications are now open until March 10.

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Horn Entrepreneurship Ranked Among Top Entrepreneurship Schools

This article was originally posted by the Lerner School of Business and Economics as part of their "Seeing Opportunity" series.

As he sat in class listening to the lecture, Nicholai Williamson was taken aback. The native of Jamaica had been drawn to the University of Delaware in part because of the strength of its entrepreneurship programs, and now his entrepreneurship instructor was saying that the sooner he failed, the better.

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Fall 2023 Awards & Recognition Roundup

As time goes on, our circle of brilliant entrepreneurs and innovators continue to impress others and add to the list of ongoing achievements and accolades. Whether it’s obtaining funding through investments and grants, winning awards and competitions, or getting the recognition they deserve from notable people and publications, UD students, faculty, and alumni continue to succeed and display their excellence. Below are all those aforementioned achievements and accolades categorized by students, faculty, and alumni.

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An Epicenter For Innovation: 2023 Hen Hatch’s Final Round

Another celebratory night in the books where innovative students and professionals came together to embrace the true essence of entrepreneurship at one of our biggest events of the year.  On Thursday, Nov. 16th at The Tower Audion at UD’s STAR Campus, Horn Entrepreneurship’s premier startup funding competition Hen Hatch, officially concluded after the third and final round. After months and months of passionate hard work from teams striving for a spot in the final pitching round, four young innovators secured their finalist position and a chance to pitch for the top spot plus a piece of the prize pool at 2023 Hen Hatch.  

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October Horn Hen of the Month: Xen K. Bossard

The Horn Hen of the Month article series is a series dedicated to highlighting Horn students who are inspiring others and impacting their community. One nominated Horn student is chosen each month and a written feature will document their hard work and progress as they go through their time at Horn, within our community and beyond. The winning student also receives a gift card and a Horn Hen of the Month certificate.  

To nominate a student, fill out this Google form. Any student involved with Horn Entrepreneurship is eligible to be nominated.  

For October, Xen K. Bossard has won the Horn Hen Of The Month award. Xen is currently a sophomore, majoring in Finance and English with a minor in Entrepreneurship. His involvement in the Delaware Innovation Fellows adds another dimension to his diverse interests. Xen has worked at The Tutoring Center since 2019 as Head Instructor, where he works with over 100 students in Math and English from ages 4 to 18. Within this role, he helps run the SAT prep program and trains the other instructors on academic instruction goals. The Tutoring Center is just like the type of business that Xen would like to own one day. Xen envisions owning a business focused on helping children learn English. His passion for education and assisting kids, coupled with his understanding of finance and language, forms the foundation of his entrepreneurial aspirations.

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UD’s Horn Earns Social Entrepreneurship Initiative Award at Deshpande Symposium

This article was originally published on The Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics' "Seeing Opportunity" page.

The Deshpande Symposium on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Higher Education honored Horn Entrepreneurship’s Social Entrepreneurship Initiative with its 2023 Excellence in Curriculum Innovation in Entrepreneurship Award.

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WE Hatch Honor Circle Inducts Inspirational Women

During Women's History Month on March 16, 27 remarkable and innovative women were inducted and honored at the WE Hatch Honor Circle celebration. WE Hatch recognizes and celebrates women who are supporting and helping each other overcome the unique challenges faced by women innovators. Nominated by their peers, employees, spouses, and friends, Honors Circle members have made a lasting impact on their network and community. 

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