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Horn Entrepreneurship

Yashlee Francois

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Pitching for the Planet: 2024 REEF@UD Eco Entrepreneurship Fellows Pitch Day Recap

The 4th Annual Ratcliffe Eco Entrepreneurship Fellows Pitch Day, hosted by Horn Entrepreneurship at the Venture Development Center recently took place Monday May 6. Nine participants with a strong passion for the environment and sustainability came together to pitch their ideas to the judges and compete for a grab at the cash prize. Ideas ranged in all areas from, sustainable home buying, to energy conversion, to aquatic ecosystem preservation.

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Innovation Blossoms at the 2024 Spring Pitch Party

On April 10th, Horn Entrepreneurship and the E-Club hosted the fan favorite 2024 Spring Pitch party at the Venture Development Center, which was transformed into a charming tropical getaway for the night. During this school year, once again driven and zealous entrepreneurial talents were brought together ready to pitch their ideas against each other, whether it's for some pitching practice or the cash prize. The night consisted of 15 90 second pitches from students of varying majors and experience levels, each with their own unique startup ideas to share with the eager audience.

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Where Pressure Makes Diamonds: 2024 Diamond Challenge Summit Recap

Where ideas meet innovation and charisma meets community, 2024 Diamond Challenge Summit. From April 25th to 27th, a conference celebrating entrepreneurial high school students from all around the globe, featured workshops, panel discussions, innovation sprints, and networking opportunities. Over the past few days, we've witnessed a convergence of groundbreaking ideas, disruptive strategies, and valuable insights shared by some of the brightest minds in the entrepreneurial landscape. 

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In Between the Stitches: Samantha McGhee of Miss Boulevard


At the Hen Hatch 2023 event, a gathering of outstanding young entrepreneurs demonstrated their dedication and willingness to put in the work to compete for funding based on their ventures. Amongst the other entrepreneurs participating in the innovation showcase and the finalist round, Samantha McGhee shined bright. She was able to pitch Miss Boulevard with grace and charisma that engaged the crowd and judges. Landing her some crucial funding for her entrepreneurial journey.

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Handing Over The Horn Series: Be Convinced You're Confident

Confidence, it's a quality often lauded as the cornerstone of success, the catalyst for self-assurance, and the formula that supports individuals toward their goals. However, upon closer inspection, you may find that the concept of confidence can sometimes lack a fixed and concrete meaning. It's one of those things that you have the power to define, control, and master. The way you can gain and later display this all comes down to your experiences and perspective. For some, confidence may manifest as a quiet inner strength, while for others, it's expressed through outward charisma and assertiveness. Ultimately, the meaning of confidence is a reflection of our individual journey.

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A Recipe for Success: 2024 WE Hatch Breakfast Insights

WE Hatch is here to support, uplift, and recognize women making strides and impact. WE Hatch seeks to advance creative, innovative and entrepreneurial women within UD and the broader community. Through honor circle ceremonies and speaker breakfasts, women can congregate to share stories and advice with others to continue the cycle of support. On February 14th, a WE Hatch breakfast and interviews was hosted, featuring Chrissi Rawak.

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Handing Over The Horn Series: Feeling Like The Imposter

Have you ever noticed how the greatest leaders can't lead others? An Oscar winning actress can't act. A Grammy winning singer can't hold a tune. And a New York best selling author can't write a proper story. Even how innovators can’t innovate. The answer is no, you haven't noticed this at first glance. People like that are talented, decorated, high status individuals who are enchanting through the eyes of others. But unfortunately, not to themselves. Even the best of the best may feel inadequate. No matter the great things someone achieves, there is a lingering voice that makes you feel like all those accomplishments don't matter because you aren’t actually deserving. 

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Get To Know Horn: Megan Pillsbury

University of Delaware has welcomed a few new faculty members over the past couple years from a wide range of departments and fields. Gladly UD’s Ratcliffe Eco Entrepreneurship Fellows Program (REEF) has added Megan Pillsbury as their director in 2022. A talented individual like Megan Pillsbury has a lot to share and a lot for us to learn about. She was able to speak with Horn Entrepreneurship and share some more about herself, her role, and experiences.

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Making Your Next Sip Safer: Mackenzie Frank’s SafeSip

Heading down Main Street on a Saturday night with your best friends determined to have a fun time at the bar is a common story for many students here at the University of Delaware and universities in general. Most students know the danger associated with drinking recklessly and take precautions to be responsible drinkers, however, there is one scenario that can get the better of even the most vigilant people. Someone slipping “something” into their drink. An unfortunate situation that has been victimizing innocent drinkers all around the world.

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