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Horn Entrepreneurship

Handing Over The Horn Series: Be Convinced You're Confident

Confidence, it's a quality often lauded as the cornerstone of success, the catalyst for self-assurance, and the formula that supports individuals toward their goals. However, upon closer inspection, you may find that the concept of confidence can sometimes lack a fixed and concrete meaning. It's one of those things that you have the power to define, control, and master. The way you can gain and later display this all comes down to your experiences and perspective. For some, confidence may manifest as a quiet inner strength, while for others, it's expressed through outward charisma and assertiveness. Ultimately, the meaning of confidence is a reflection of our individual journey.

Many situations in life can uplift or tear down your confidence. Praise from your professor will definitely uplift you but harsh comments from a peer can crush your confidence. As students in college, a lot of the experiences to be had will shape you for the better. This can happen in subtle ways you would even think of such as developing eye contact skills after taking a sign language class, learning how to strongly defend your opinion in a political science class, or easily striking up a conversation with strangers from your communication class. Recognizing and soaking up those lessons and skills creates the new and improved person you will grow into. 

Make That Choice

You may say to yourself “Haha I dont think I would consider myself a confident person”, and that is the first mistake. If you can tell yourself what you aren't, then why can’t you tell yourself what you are? If you are able to believe it then others can as well. Though certain obstacles can rattle your nerves such as an important presentation, meeting someone new, a job interview, a first date, or even booking a doctor's appointment, you can slap on a brave face if you choose to. 

“In school I have to explain my ideas and the thought process behind my work a lot in front of others. It's easy to become insecure and obsessed with what they will think of what you have to say. To yourself you question if these are even good ideas, will they get the vision, or can they tell I'm nervous. But as someone who has to hear others present often, I realize I can enjoy and stay engaged in the presentation if the person seems confident. Whether it's a facade or not, I can’t tell. So I made an effort to do the same when it's my turn. An insight from Jacqueline Bryan, junior primary education major. 

It’s Written All Over You

The way you carry and present yourself to others means a lot. You can set the standard for how you want others to perceive and ultimately treat you. It’s easy to be dismissed when you don't speak with conviction or hold your head up high, but in an instant when you speak clearly and take up space in a room, your confidence radiates to others.

This can apply to any situation for people, for instance Jade Ocana, junior psychology major knows this all too well. 

“In certain situations I can sometimes speak a bit softly, people often point this out and I always wonder why they can so easily just cut me off and speak over me. I realized it’s up to me if I want that to stop happening. After speaking with more power and adjusting my position, the people around me magically listened and treated me completely differently. It was like flipping a switch. Something so important was surprisingly so easy to navigate.”

Who you are can be written all over you for people to read and analyze. Signals such as body language, tone of voice, and even eye contact can let someone know a lot. Jade knew she could change the written script with just a little adjustment. 

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