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Horn Entrepreneurship

Top 5 Reasons to Enroll in ENTR253

With fall enrollment quickly approaching, Horn Entrepreneurship encourages students to have one course, ENTR/LEAD253: Individual Leadership - Building a Foundation for Success, on their radar. A foundational entrepreneurship course, ENTR253 offers an experience to first lead yourself as you embark on a lifetime of leading others. But the course also comes with many other perks that you may not know about!

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Win Recognition and Prizes For Your Entrepreneurial Drive


Trying to find productive activities to do while quarantined can prove to be a difficult task after a couple days on lock down, and you can only clean your house or organize your spice cabinet alphabetically so many times. What better way to spend your time stuck at home than trying to win money for your leadership, academic studies and entrepreneurial promise?

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Cooking With What You Have At Hand

Editor's note: this is the second article in a series that  explores how the Horn Team practices entrepreneurship.

Taking stock of experiences over the last two weeks …

… No family spring break vacation in sunny, warm weather.

… Cancelled trip to Las Vegas with close friends I’ve known for more than 35 years.

… Paused daily routine of putting my daughter on the school bus and heading to the office.

… Zero spontaneous, face-to-face interaction with the people with whom I enjoy working.

… makes it clear that COVID-19 has caused stock outs in the kitchen cupboards of my life. The sugar – what I was most looking forward to – is gone. And so is the ketchup – the enjoyable, mundane staples of daily life. You’re no doubt missing similar things, and perhaps even more.

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NSF I-Corps Call to Apply

For University of Delaware entrepreneurs in the research fields of science, technology, engineering, and math, the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps (NSF I-Corps) provides innovators with the opportunity to take their projects from the laboratory to the marketplace.

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Meet Mike Rinkunas: “Part Drill Sergeant, Part Therapist, Part Herder of Cats”

Career shifts for Mike Rinkunas have meant doing everything from hanging out of a helicopter with a video camera, to interviewing Lance Armstrong at the Boston Marathon. Even when not working, Rinkunas continues to explore new things to try, most recently becoming a licensed train conductor and locomotive engineer in his spare time.

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Meet Gordon McGregor: The Business-Minded Engineer Who Has Come Full Circle

After 34 years of working to bring products like Glide Dental Floss and Gore-Tex Fabric to life, Gordon McGregor has decided to retire and shift his focus to new projects and innovations. 

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Reach Your Full Potential with Hen Hatch 2020

Doing something new and pulling from past experiences can be intimidating for anyone. But you also know one way to achieve significant personal growth in life is through exposing yourself to situations out of your comfort zone. What better way to start the semester with that mindset and channel it with a submission to Horn Entrepreneurship's Hen Hatch 2020 competition? Even if your idea isn’t fleshed out enough or is lacking in some aspects, Hen Hatch judges and mentors will give feedback that will allow you to refine your concept. Some of the most successful startups from Horn Entrepreneurship to participate in the competition have failed to make it past the first round of judging.
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3 Tips for Improving Collaboration Communication

Working within a team is a standard in the workplace and throughout life. From family, to friend groups, to project teams at work or in class, the presence of a team is inevitable. Being a more productive, collaborative and positive member of a group helps you touch on and improve almost every part of your life. Here are three tips to help you begin improving how you collaborate.

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Growing through Google

James Massaquoi, a co-founder of 360VR Technology and finalist at Hen Hatch 2019, served as a Global Business Operations intern for Google this past summer. James, College of Arts & Sciences, Class of 2020, was hesitant to leave Delaware and his fellow co-founder, Sury Gupta, alone to work through the Summer Founders program, but enjoyed a relaxing summer filled with insights that has the young entrepreneur eager to continue striving to create unique value. 

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Fall 2019 Pitch Party on Oct. 30

This year’s University of Delaware Horn Entrepreneurship Fall Pitch Party will be held at the Venture Development Center from 6 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 30. Any undergraduate student is allowed to pitch and any student, faculty or staff may attend. The event is free, although registration is required to pitch or attend. Spots are limited to pitch and spectate and are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Students from across all seven colleges are encouraged to attend to get a taste of what Horn Entrepreneurship has to offer!

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