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Horn Entrepreneurship

Meet the Champions

This fall, Horn Entrepreneurship is trying something new - Class Champions.  Class Champions are liaisons between Horn and Entrepreneurship majors. Their objective is to inspire their peers to get involved in opportunities, programs and events relevant to them.The need for peer-led coaching is a result of the virtual world/upheaval of the past year and a half. “Many students have not been to campus before this fall or only lived on campus for one semester,” said Jeffrey Sullivan. “The champions are familiar with many programs and events and can help first and second year students navigate the options.”


Derek Mihalecsko

Derek Mihalecski ‘23  As a double major in entrepreneurship and marketing he is very involved with Horn Entrepreneurship. He won third place for the non-revenue track of the spring 2021 Pitch Party for his startup Soceaze. Soceaze connects local businesses to students that are willing to manage their social media. Derek plans on becoming a successful entrepreneur and running his own company. His main goal is to be able to help others with his entrepreneurial endeavors. “I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit ever since I was a kid. I have always enjoyed coming up with new ideas, no matter how big, small, or crazy the idea was,” says Derek. When he is not working at the VDC, he spends his time playing spikeball, basketball, or socializing with friends. He loves spending time at the beach and when it gets colder, snowboarding. 

Adam Tabak

Adam Tabak ‘23 Being a marketing major, he has been able to further explore his interests in Entrepreneurship & Marketing by joining the Marketing team for E-club and creating graphic designs for announcements. He has dreams of becoming a CEO of his own company one day because he believes that entrepreneurship brings out his leadership skills and creative side. Adam frequently journals, listens to music, and hangs out with his fraternity brothers in his free time. He loves being part of the entrepreneurial community. “This major has helped me meet so many awesome individuals who love entrepreneurship,” says Adam. 

Sierra RyanWallick

Sierra RyanWallick ‘23 As an entrepreneurship major, she is involved in many different ways at Horn Entrepreneurship. Her multiple positions include being a Free Lunch Friday coordinator, a Horn Ambassador, a part of Summer Founders, and a member of Delaware Innovation Fellows. Sierra has started multiple companies with her most recent venture being “Up Cycle Design,” which creates recycled fashion bags in an effort to reduce pollution in landfills. “I love entrepreneurship because it allows you to focus on any passion you may have while monetizing that passion,” says Sierra. After graduation, she hopes to work on her startup full time. Most of her time on campus is spent at the VDC, but in her free time she is editing YouTube videos, hiking, or doing puzzles. She is also a black belt in karate!

Caitlyn Tobio

Caitlyn Tobio ‘22 Her entrepreneurship and management information systems double majors have led her to become very involved on campus. She is currently a Lead Ambassador, ENTR TA, a member of DIF, and formerly the Peer Mentor for World Changers LLC. She is currently interning at Ameriprise Financial Services but has dreams of working in the entertainment industry while still being able to practice her entrepreneurial skills. She used to dance her whole life, which is where she believes she got her entrepreneurial inspirations. “I love entrepreneurship because it gives you the opportunity to take something you are passionate about, learn all about it, and hopefully change it for the better,” says Caitlyn. She hopes to eventually start her own business or work in the finance industry after graduation.


About Horn Entrepreneurship

Horn Entrepreneurship serves as the creative engine for entrepreneurship education and advancement at the University of Delaware. Currently ranked among the best entrepreneurship programs in the US, Horn Entrepreneurship was built and is actively supported by successful entrepreneurs, empowering aspiring innovators as they pursue new ideas for a better world.

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