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Horn Entrepreneurship

A Festive Farewell To The Class of 2024

Graduating from college is a pivotal moment in a person's life, marking the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and personal growth. Noticing all those early mornings, busy days, and late nights. It's a time of celebration and reflection as graduates prepare to step into the next chapter of their lives. Whether the journey has been straightforward or filled with unexpected challenges, reaching this milestone is a significant achievement that opens the door to a world of new opportunities. We celebrate the resilience and achievements of those who have reached this important turning point.

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Aspire Interactive: A 360 Approach to Mentorship

In a time where it can be easy to feel lost as a young business professional, UD alum Brad Bono’s Aspire Interactive shines as a mentorship-focused organization dedicated to guiding individuals through their lives and careers while facing the complexities of the digital age. Aspire Interactive is meant to be a beacon of wisdom and experience, designed to empower people in this rapidly evolving landscape. At the heart of Brad's approach is the profound significance of mentorship. Bono, a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience starting and exiting businesses in the telecommunications industry, has seen the pitfalls and stressors of a professional life, and now wants to help the next generation tackle those challenges.

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Nominations Open For WE Hatch Honor Circle

Exciting news! The nomination period for the WE Hatch Honor Circle is now open, and we invite you to put forth deserving individuals who have left an indelible mark in their communities and beyond. Help us recognize remarkable women contributing to the creation of an inclusive and forward-thinking business environment. Don't miss the chance to submit a nomination for an inspiring woman in your life by January 24!

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Fall 2023 Awards & Recognition Roundup

As time goes on, our circle of brilliant entrepreneurs and innovators continue to impress others and add to the list of ongoing achievements and accolades. Whether it’s obtaining funding through investments and grants, winning awards and competitions, or getting the recognition they deserve from notable people and publications, UD students, faculty, and alumni continue to succeed and display their excellence. Below are all those aforementioned achievements and accolades categorized by students, faculty, and alumni.

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An Epicenter For Innovation: 2023 Hen Hatch’s Final Round

Another celebratory night in the books where innovative students and professionals came together to embrace the true essence of entrepreneurship at one of our biggest events of the year.  On Thursday, Nov. 16th at The Tower Audion at UD’s STAR Campus, Horn Entrepreneurship’s premier startup funding competition Hen Hatch, officially concluded after the third and final round. After months and months of passionate hard work from teams striving for a spot in the final pitching round, four young innovators secured their finalist position and a chance to pitch for the top spot plus a piece of the prize pool at 2023 Hen Hatch.  

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Introducing the 2023 Blue Hen 17 & 43 Award Winners

Horn Entrepreneurship and the Lerner College of Business and Economics are thrilled to announce the prestigious recipients of the 2023 Blue Hen 17&43 Awards. Recognizing that economic growth depends on the creation of new businesses, this year’s Blue Hen 17&43 Awards focused strictly on the most promising new businesses. This annual accolade, which was established in 2017, celebrates the University of Delaware’s rich history of leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship by recognizing exceptional early-stage startups led by Blue Hen entrepreneurs. The 17 ventures honored in this year's awards exemplify the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurial excellence within our community.

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Horn After 10: Kenny Eck

Kenny Eck started his first company when he was just 7, and his sixth startup hits a huge milestone this year: a consistent revenue stream, along with plans for a physical office and new services.

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Horn After 10: Garry Johnson III

His father and stepmother, both pharmacists, wanted Garry Johnson III to have a well-paying, stable career in healthcare. His 2017 University of Delaware bachelor of science in kinesiology and exercise science, leading to a career as a physical therapist, filled the bill, but then he had to have The Talk. 

He had discovered entrepreneurship and wanted to pivot.

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Horn After 10: Alanna Weiss

Tortilla imprinted with logos and bacon made from mushroom roots are two unusual components of Alanna Weiss’ startup career.

In 2018, while a student at the University of Delaware, she created a food delivery and catering company specializing in quesadillas. Tortilla Text was born from that, with the ability to print messages, logos or other information directly on tortillas.

After graduation in 2020, she was hired by a company now known as MyForest Foods. Its game- changing product – and its first product to hit the shelves – is MyBacon, which is made of just six ingredients: Mushroom mycelium (the root-like structure), salt, coconut oil, sugar, natural flavors and beet juice concentrate (for color).

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University of Delaware Alumni Cleans Up on Shark Tank

Shark Tank has evolved into a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative ideas and secure investments from seasoned investors. On February 17th, 2023, University of Delaware alumni Joelle Flynn and her childhood best friend Sonia Hounsell captured the attention of the Sharks with their revolutionary company, FunkkOFF!®. With their environmentally friendly, reusable (30 x), all-in-one toothpaste and toothbrush combination, Flynn and Hounsell left a lasting impression on both the Sharks and viewers. They even secured a deal with one of the five Sharks, Robert Herjavec. Let's dive into their remarkable journey on Shark Tank and the growing success of FunkkOFF! TeethRefreshers®.

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