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Horn Entrepreneurship

Dylan Gerstley

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Find Your Passion and Find Your Future: Lessons from the Entrepreneurial Journey

Vince DiFelice, Senior Instructor of Practice and Faculty Director of Venture Support, has been an instrumental figure in helping nascent student startups find their footing and future success. Beyond delivering exceptional venture support guidance, Vince has helped students find new passions and recalibrate their career goals to better match what they are most interested in.

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Meet Jason Aviles: Social Entrepreneur in Residence

Jason Aviles, the serial social entrepreneur behind such projects as FLYOGI and Artist Ave Station, as well as Project Director of Wilmington Green Box and Executive Director of Wilmington Placemakers Inc., is the current Social Entrepreneur in Residence at University of Delaware.

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The Student Entrepreneur's Guide to Doing

The spring semester is a busy time for Horn Entrepreneurship with many signature program offerings available over the coming months. Hen Hatch finals will be at The Queen in April, VentureOn, our in-semester venture support program, is in full swing and Summer Founders, our full-service pre-accelerator, is accepting students on a rolling basis. The sheer amount of opportunities can be slightly overwhelming, so the Horn Entrepreneurship media team sat down with some of the community’s most fervent doers to ask them, well, just how they do so much.

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Career Path Clarity Through Entrepreneurship

Brandon Holly, College of Health Sciences, Class of 2021, began his college career as a Nursing major, but quickly found himself trying to get more from his college experience. A simple conversation impacted Brandon’s college journey significantly and brought him clarity and confidence in how to help people through his medical career goals.

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Student Idea Creates Summer Founders Program for Posterity

Jason Bamford recognized a need for a more immersive experience in entrepreneurial education at the University of Delaware and three months after a compelling conversation with Vince DiFelice, the Horn Entrepreneurship Summer Founders pre-accelerator program was born.

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Social Entrepreneurship: Creating Purpose at Work

Social entrepreneurship is the new wave of creating socially impactful value from entrepreneurial ventures. Famous social ventures, like Toms and Warby Parker, have become immensely popular with the Millennial generation, both in sales and in career aspirations: Millennials want to make a meaningful impact at work.

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VentureOn Applications Open Feb. 11

VentureOn, the University of Delaware Horn Entrepreneurship in-semester startup support program, helps students learn and master the entrepreneurial process.

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Faculty Opportunity at Hen Hatch 2019

Hen Hatch, the premier startup funding competition of the University of Delaware, is open to the entire UD community, including faculty, staff and alumni. The only thing applications require is an idea, and all applicants, accepted or not, receive feedback and tips along the way to help them grow and improve.

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Fund or Find Your Passion at Hen Hatch 2019

Hen Hatch, University of Delaware Horn Entrepreneurship’s premier startup funding competition, returns in spring 2019 to provide students, alumni, faculty and staff an excellent funding opportunity as well as the chance to get in-depth feedback from seasoned entrepreneurs and investors. Outside of being a fantastic platform to pitch your ideas, Hen Hatch provides the amazing chance to explore ideas and passions more fully, something that everyone in the UD community can take advantage of, win, lose or draw!

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Ted Foltyn's Takeaways

Ted Foltyn, an adjunct faculty member at the University of Delaware and the Horn Entrepreneurship Signature Internship Coordinator, graduated from the University in 1981. The Denville, New Jersey native spent 25 years with Johnson & Johnson and remembers seeing George Thorogood and The Delaware Destroyers play stage side in his time with the student radio, WXDR. Ted sat down with the Horn Entrepreneurship media team to discuss his biggest takeaways from his time at UD and in his successful career. 

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