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Horn Entrepreneurship

Introducing the 2023 Blue Hen 17 & 43 Award Winners

Horn Entrepreneurship and the Lerner College of Business and Economics are thrilled to announce the prestigious recipients of the 2023 Blue Hen 17&43 Awards. Recognizing that economic growth depends on the creation of new businesses, this year’s Blue Hen 17&43 Awards focused strictly on the most promising new businesses. This annual accolade, which was established in 2017, celebrates the University of Delaware’s rich history of leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship by recognizing exceptional early-stage startups led by Blue Hen entrepreneurs. The 17 ventures honored in this year's awards exemplify the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurial excellence within our community.

The diversity and caliber of the 2023 Blue Hen 17&43 Award Winners reflect the dynamism inherent in the University of Delaware’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Each of these startups brings a unique set of ideas, strategies, and solutions to the forefront, contributing to the vibrant variety of innovation within the University of Delaware community.

This year’s recipients will be recognized and have a chance to showcase their ventures on November 16 during Hen Hatch Final Round, the University of Delaware’s premier student startup competition. We invite anyone interested in attending the Hen Hatch Final Round to see UD’s finest startup pitches and celebrate the Blue Hen 17&43 Awards to register for the event in advance on Eventbrite.

Without further ado, our 2023 Blue Hen 17&43 Most Promising Award Winners:

Alchemize Fightwear led by Maya Nazareth, Founder/CEO, ‘20

Amplus, led by Yuping Zeng, non-paid Advisor, 2011

BVP Coffee Co., led by Garry Johnson, III, Founder/CEO, 2017

Carbon Reform, led by Nick Martin, Co-Founder, 2016 and JoAnne Norris, Co-Founder

EmpowHERed, led by Meghan O’Donnell, Founder/CEO, 2016

Heart + Paw, led by Dave Lasus, CEO, 2003

FunkkOFF! Inc. led by Joelle Flynn, Founder & Co-CEO, ‘94

Lignolix, led by Robert O’Dea, Co-Founder, ‘23, Elvis Ebikade, Co-Founder, ‘19, Eric Gottlieb, Co-Founder

OhSoCycle, led by Blake Armentano, Owner, 2020

OmniPotential Energy, led by Cora Castle, President, 1995

Positional, led by Nate Matterson, Co-Founder, 2016, Matt Lenhard, Co-Founder

Research and Project Management, Elizabeth Allen, Co-Founder, ‘12 and Brittany Maday, Co-Founder, ‘11

SprayLess Wraps & Graphics, led by John Mouser, Co-Founder, 2021

Stemmer, led by Sam Goetz, Founder, ‘21

Tangia, led by Dan Goodman, Co-Founder, ‘21 and Alex Pickett, Co-Founder, ‘21

Taurus Vascular, led by Matthew Kuhn, Founder/CEO, 2016

Wilminvest, led by Bryce Fender, Co-Founder, ‘19, and Joel Amin, Co-Founder, ‘19

These outstanding ventures represent the pinnacle of entrepreneurial achievement and serve as a testament to the University of Delaware's commitment to fostering innovation and propelling the success of its entrepreneurial community. As we celebrate the 2023 Blue Hen 17&43 Most Promising Award Winners, we look forward to witnessing the continued growth and impact of these remarkable startups on both the local and global stages.


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