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Horn Entrepreneurship

Inspiring Success Stories: UD Horn Hen of the Month

MOLLIE MORAN- HHOTM photoCongratulations to Mollie Moran! Mollie won the February Horn Hen of the Month award. She is a Senior Entrepreneurship major with an Integrated Design minor. The Horn Hen of the Month award highlights a student that is inspiring others and impacting their community.

Mollie’s Early Interest in Entrepreneurship

Mollie is from Montvale, New Jersey, a small suburban town in North Jersey, that is very quaint and community focused. Her favorite memory is riding her bike around town. From a young age, Mollie displayed an entrepreneurial spirit. She started making rainbow loom bracelets and selling them outside of a town pool with her friends. Mollie is very intrigued by entrepreneurship and she has always wanted to start her own business, as she believes she is a strong willed person who wants to take control of her future. When she came into the entrepreneurship major she loved the passion discovery, problem solving, the entrepreneurial mindset, and interacting with a variety of people.

Community & Connections

Describing the Horn community in one word, Mollie chose "engaging." She believes there are abundant opportunities within Horn for involvement and a widespread passion among individuals to participate actively in various programs. Mollie is a Horn Ambassador for Horn Entrepreneurship and recently took on a second position as Student Recruiting Coordinator for the Student Experience team. This role is a great way for Mollie to be involved in the community and contribute to the program. Mollie is also actively involved in several programs and clubs at University of Delaware. She serves as the President of the Hospitality Club, where she finds joy in the event management aspects. Through her position she has learned good leadership skills that she can apply to her future endeavors. 

Influential Professor & Celebrity

Within the Horn community, Mollie finds inspiration and guidance from Ted Foltyn, a professor and mentor whose impact transcends the classroom. Having taken several of Professor Foltyn’s classes, Mollie attests to his unmatched knowledge and genuine care for his students. Professor Foltyn's mentorship extends beyond academics, as he invests time in building their confidence, addressing weaknesses, and fostering valuable connections. Mollie appreciates Professor Foltyn's approach, which showcases a caring and dedication to fostering the entrepreneurial spirit among his students which is a testament to his commitment to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit within his students. Moreover, as for her greatest entrepreneurial inspiration, Mollie looks up to Joanna Gaines. Joanna Gaines is an American interior designer, known for her morals, values, and her ability to turn her passion into a successful venture. She is best known for co-hosting the home renovation show Fixer Upper, which began airing on HGTV in 2013, alongside her husband Chip Gaines. Gaines also has a bakery and sells her own merchandise. These examples of entrepreneurial success inspire Mollie's aspirations and determination for entrepreneurship.

Mollie’s Advice

Mollie's advice for incoming freshmen is simple yet profound: "Say Yes!" both academically and professionally. Mollie advises to take advantage of every opportunity that comes to you. With just a few months remaining before graduation, she's content that she took the initiative to step outside her comfort zone. Furthermore, Mollie Moran's commitment, engagement, and entrepreneurial spirit make her a deserving "Horn Hen of the Month." Congratulations, Mollie! In conclusion, Mollie's journey serves as a testament of embracing opportunities and inspiring others to do the same as they navigate their own academic and professional endeavors.

About the Horn Hen of the Month 

The Horn Hen of the month article series highlights Horn students that are inspiring others and impacting their community. One nominated Horn student will be chosen each month and featured in a story and social media. The article will document their hard work and progress as they go through their time at Horn, within our community and beyond. The winning student will also receive a gift card and a Horn Hen of the Month certificate for their achievement. To nominate a student, fill out this Google form. Any student involved with Horn Entrepreneurship is eligible to be nominated. Let's continue to recognize and support the remarkable individuals shaping our community's future.

About Horn Entrepreneurship

At the University of Delaware, Horn Entrepreneurship stands as the driving force for fostering entrepreneurship, education, and progress. Currently ranked among the best entrepreneurship programs in the US, Horn Entrepreneurship has been established and is actively championed by accomplished entrepreneurs. This support empowers aspiring innovators as they embark on the journey of exploring new ideas for a brighter and more impactful world.

McKinley Lynn also contributed to the article

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