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Horn Entrepreneurship

Hen Hatch 2022: Your Idea, 3 Rounds, $50K


Calling all Blue Hen student entrepreneurs: apply to University of Delaware’s premier startup funding competition, Hen Hatch. This program is a once-a-year opportunity for UD students to put their best ideas forward and compete for a portion of a $50,000 prize pool. The submission deadline is September 16.

More than a Competition

Through the Hen Hatch process, UD students are able to share their business concepts with accomplished industry professionals, make connections, gather feedback and gain experience. 

How it Works

There are 3 rounds - preliminary, semifinal and final - throughout the fall. During the Preliminary Round, judges will score your submitted written concept. The 10 most promising business concepts in each track will advance to the Semifinal Round. In this round, students will present a 7-minute pitch and answer questions from a judge panel composed of entrepreneurs and investors. The 3 most promising business concepts in each track will continue to the Final Round on December 1. At this event, finalists will present a 7-minute pitch and answer questions from entrepreneurs and investors in front of a live audience.


All University of Delaware undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled at least half time are eligible to apply. There are two competitive tracks:

  • Pre-revenue ($0 in revenue)
  • Post-revenue ($1 or more in revenue)

Revenue, for the purpose of this competition, is defined as consideration provided by a customer for value created by the startup as well as equity investment. Revenue does NOT include sweat equity, grants, donations, awards, or stipends.


The Final Round prize pool includes $50,000 and in-kind gifts ranging from support for conferences and competitions to special mentorship and services.


Contact hornhenhatch@udel.edu with questions regarding Hen Hatch. You can also check out the competition details available at www.udel.edu/henhatch

About Horn Entrepreneurship

Horn Entrepreneurship serves as the creative engine for entrepreneurship education and advancement at the University of Delaware. Currently ranked among the best entrepreneurship programs in the US, Horn Entrepreneurship was built and is actively supported by successful entrepreneurs, empowering aspiring innovators as they pursue new ideas for a better world.

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