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Horn Entrepreneurship

Driven To Empowering Others: UD Horn Hen of the Month

Congratulations to Devina Patel! Devina won the March Horn Hen of the Month award. She is a sophomore at the University of Delaware, with a double major in finance and financial planning, a minor in trust management, and has a certificate in entrepreneurship leadership. The Horn Hen of the Month award highlights a student that is inspiring others and impacting their community. 


Devina’s Early Interest in Entrepreneurship

Devina Patel, a sophomore at the University of Delaware, has been awarded the prestigious Horn Hen of the Month for March due to her remarkable contributions to the entrepreneurial community and beyond. With an impressive academic portfolio comprising a double major in finance and financial planning, a minor in trust management, and a certificate in entrepreneurship leadership, Devina exemplifies the ambitious spirit of a Blue Hen. Hailing from Newark, Delaware, her hometown, Devina's familiarity with campus allows her willingness to extend a helping hand to those seeking to expand their networks. Her entrepreneurial journey began in fourth grade when she pioneered the creation and sale of football-themed rainbow loom bracelets and she would sell them for $2 a bracelet at her parent’s store. This is a venture that showcased her early knack for business.


Community & Connections

Describing the Horn community in a single word, Devina selected "opportunity." She perceives abundant avenues for involvement on campus, where individuals are authentically enthusiastic about staying engaged and aiding one another's development. Beyond academic spheres, she found opportunities to forge new friendships, build a supportive community, engage in meaningful conversations, and connect with like-minded individuals.


Devina’s Social Impact, Involvement to the Community, & Achievements

Devina’s engagement at the University of Delaware is extensive, and she holds significant roles across various organizations. She is the President of the Women in Finance Club, in which she develops leadership skills and empowers other women in the financial industry; a Horn Ambassador; and a member of Delta Sigma Pi, which enhances her professionalism and network through insightful conservations. Additionally, Devina is an intern at the Siegfried Group, which provides her with professional finance experiences and technical development. Her passion for entrepreneurship is fueled by the desire to create meaningful solutions and the autonomy it provides, aligning with her goal of making a positive impact in the financial sector and beyond. 


The Impactful Role of a Mentor

In terms of mentorship within the Horn community, Devina finds inspiration and support from Maggie Nelson, known as an “enthusiastic and supportive person for the whole community.” Maggie’s open-door policy and supportive nature have been crucial for Devina's growth and confidence. Devina advises incoming freshmen to “Explore outside your major and current path!” Her pursuit of diverse interests, including her minor and various leadership roles, underscores her belief that unique opportunities and personal growth lie in new and unexplored areas. 


Celebrating: Devina Patel, Horn Hen of the Month

Devina Patel truly embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and leadership qualities celebrated by the Horn Hen of the Month award. Congratulations, Devina! Her dedication to innovation and community empowerment sets a shining example for aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders alike, inspiring others to reach for their goals with passion and determination.


About the Horn Hen of the Month 

The Horn Hen of the month article series highlights Horn students that are inspiring others and impacting their community. One nominated Horn student will be chosen each month and featured in a story and social media. The article will document their hard work and progress as they go through their time at Horn, within our community and beyond. The winning student will also receive a gift card and a Horn Hen of the Month certificate for their achievement. To nominate a student, fill out this Google form. Any student involved with Horn Entrepreneurship is eligible to be nominated. Let's continue to recognize and support the remarkable individuals shaping our community's future.


About Horn Entrepreneurship

At the University of Delaware, Horn Entrepreneurship stands as the driving force for fostering entrepreneurship, education, and progress. Currently ranked among the best entrepreneurship programs in the U.S., Horn Entrepreneurship has been established and is actively championed by accomplished entrepreneurs. This support empowers aspiring innovators as they embark on the journey of exploring new ideas for a brighter and more impactful world.

McKinley Lynn also contributed to the article

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