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Dream, Create, Inspire: UD's EntreX Regional Youth Entrepreneurship

On February 28, 2024, 36 teams of high school students from 21 schools met at Rutgers University to participate in the 2024 EntreX Regional Venture Showcase. The showcase provided high school students participating in Horn Entrepreneurship’s dual enrollment program, EntreX Lab, with a platform to pitch their entrepreneurial projects and cultivate essential skills and connections that will serve them well in their future endeavors.

EntreX students at the showcase were eager to present their ideas and engage in friendly competition and relished the opportunity to receive valuable feedback on their solutions to global challenges. For many, this marked their inaugural experience in a pitch competition and the first time they found themselves surrounded by similarly driven entrepreneurial peers on such a scale. With dedicated time for networking and interaction with participants from other schools, the event's focus was truly centered on nurturing the students' entrepreneurial skills and ventures.

The top teams from the showcase earned $500 and the opportunity to pitch at the 2024 Diamond Challenge Summit, a top ranked high school entrepreneurship competition that draws young entrepreneurs from around the world. 


Congratulations to the winners: 

Social Innovation Track


Ruhi Kulkarni, Riva Paripati, Samay Batra

Monroe Township High School 

An application compatible with IOS, Android, and VR devices that uses video game features to improve reading comprehension by bringing books to life.

My Island 

Amaia Delacruz, Raymond Batista, Nevaeh Lewis, Blanca Galindo

Innovation Charter High School

An app used to disrupt bullying. 


Morgan McNabb, Molly Hilsdorf, Joey Alsobrooks  

Toms River High School South

A facility that uses filters to convert polluted water into clean water to help those in need.

Business Innovation Track


Mateusz Worosz, Riley Ramirez

Union Catholic High School

An AI generator that uses information from coaches about their team and opposing team to create an in depth gameplan in seconds. 


We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the teams that participated in the event. Your hard work, innovation, and commitment to entrepreneurship are truly commendable. Well done to each and every one of you for your contributions to the EntreX Regional Venture Showcase. Students from the following schools who presented at the showcase included: 

  • Monroe Township High School
  • Glen Rock High School
  • South River High School
  • Bedford Academy High School
  • James Madison High School
  • Toms River High School South
  • St. John Vianney High School
  • Bergen Catholic High School
  • Mainland Regional High School
  • Paterson Charter School for Science & Technology 
  • Eagle Academy High School in Southeast Queens
  • New World High School
  • Innovation Charter High School
  • The Masters School
  • Marvelwood School
  • Immaculata High School
  • Blind Brook High School
  • Brooklyn Academy of Global Finance
  • Perkiomen School
  • Union Catholic High School
  • Lakeland Regional High School

Thank you to all individuals who contributed to the success of this event, and a special appreciation to the dedicated judges for generously offering their time and expertise to make the 2024 EntreX Regional Showcase a success:

  • Scott Alpizar-Director, Commercialization at Foundation Capital
  • Jennifer Rowland- CEO, CFO Flex Consulting
  • Christian Hyde - Senior Director of Development, University of Delaware
  • Jamilah Barnes- Partner at JB Consulting Group
  • Anne Marie Tierney- Founder at Liquid Advisors
  • Kevin Burke- Managing Partner at Digital One
  • James Leitner- Founder, Mission Clean Water
  • Jayme Smaldone- CEO, Mighty Mug
  • Jamy Barton- Former Senior Director at Amazon

We also thank our sponsors: Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship Academy at Rutgers-New Brunswick and CapitalOne.

EntreX Lab offers high school students opportunities to develop crucial skills such as creativity, problem-solving, and resilience. By participating in EntreX Lab, students can benefit in several ways. Firstly, they gain practical experience in developing and pitching business ideas, which prepares them for future endeavors in both entrepreneurship and traditional career paths. Secondly, they can participate in regional events that foster collaboration and networking among students from different schools. Lastly, students gain exposure to experienced judges and mentors who provide valuable feedback and guidance, helping students refine their ideas and strategies. For more information about EntreX Lab, please visit our website.


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