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Celebrating Excellence in Entrepreneurial Leadership: Highlights from the 2023 Siegfried Workshop & Awards Dinner

The 2023 Siegfried Award for Entrepreneurial Leadership Workshop & Dinner was a grand event that brought together aspiring entrepreneurs, established business leaders, innovators from various industries, and University of Delaware students. Held on October 3 at the prestigious Wilmington Country Club, this annual gathering provided a platform for participants to engage in meaningful discussions, gain valuable insights, and to recognize individuals for outstanding contributions to the entrepreneurial leadership ecosystem.

The event, organized and held by The Siegfried Group and Horn Entrepreneurship, was a testament to the power of leadership in driving innovation and positive change in today's dynamic business landscape.

Workshops and Knowledge Sharing

The workshops held during the day were a highlight of the event. Seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts shared their insights and experiences, covering a wide range of topics essential to success in leadership. From strategies for scaling a business to navigating the challenges of the digital age, participants had the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and network with like-minded individuals. The interactive nature of the workshops encouraged engaging discussions and allowed attendees to leave empowered with new knowledge and perspectives to apply to their own leadership journeys.

Thank you to our workshop presenters:

Johann Ducharme, PhD. - Assistant Professor and Faculty Director of Director of Siegfried Fellows at University of Delaware Horn Entrepreneurship

Robert Siegfried, Jr., CPA - CEO & Founder of The Siegfried Group

Lee Brower - Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of Empowered Wealth, LC

Topics ranged from what character and virtues means in entrepreneurship to how to thrive and grow as a successful leader in a merciless world.

“If I become a better leader, I’ll live a better life,” shared Siegfried, echoing the sentiment of the event.


Our renowned speakers, who achieved success as entrepreneurs and thought leaders, shared their experiences, emphasized the value of character virtues, and offered practical advice on navigating the challenges of leadership. Attendees left these sessions empowered with new knowledge and perspectives to apply to their own careers.

All speakers stressed the important theme of improvement for the sake of one’s employees but also for personal wellbeing. Advice about becoming a leader, self esteem and personal integrity was highlighted.

“The same principles you use to build a big business are the same you need in your personal life,” said Brower. 

Celebrating Excellence

The awards segment was a celebration of excellence in leadership and entrepreneurship. The Siegfried Award for Entrepreneurial Leadership recognizes exceptional individuals who have not only shown themselves to be stewards of innovation through significant contributions to the leadership ecosystem, but have also made a significant positive impact on their communities and industries. Each awardee's story is a testament to the power of vision, determination, and leadership in the entrepreneurial world.

This year’s recipient Lee Brower is the founder of Empowered Wealth, LC, an international ‘business-family’ consulting, coaching, and mentoring firm, and is the creator of The Business Family Coach™, a revolutionary mindset for entrepreneurs and business leaders. He is also the founder of Th’Rivers™, a community of entrepreneurs who are inspired by providing selfless leadership, and is the author of the book The Brower Quadrant.

Brower has left an impact on people, businesses, and countries around the world through his unique perspectives as an international advocate for gratitude. As an entrepreneurial coach and mentor, he personally has helped thousands of business leaders achieve quantifiable growth and success.

“I’m so honored by this award because I get to see, feel, and associate with other people and their growth,” said Brower.

Brower accepted the award wholeheartedly and emotionally expressed his gratitude to all who supported and inspired him. He talked about his experiences abroad and how they have shaped him into who he is today. Finally, He urged all attendees to share their valuable knowledge and experiences with others and to constantly practice gratitude for a better quality of life. 

The 2023 Student Award for Entrepreneurial Leadership, given to a student who best exemplifies ideal leadership qualities, was given to Sakhee Desai. A passionate student double majoring in computer science and finance, with a minor in economics and concentration in artificial intelligence, Desai actively contributes to the leadership community as a Horn Ambassador and Siegfried Entrepreneurial Leadership Fellow along with involvement in many other groups and organizations.

Sakhee was sure to share her thanks to everyone who made her the successful young person she is. She spoke about the impact on her life as a result of the Siegfried Group, Horn Entrepreneurship, her peers, her friends, and lastly her parents.

Each award recipient shared their inspiring stories, emphasizing the importance of resilience, determination, and the spirit of innovation in achieving success.


The 2023 Siegfried Award for  Entrepreneurial Leadership Workshop & Dinner was not only a night of celebration but also an opportunity for growth and reflection. Entrepreneurs, business professionals, and University of Delaware students from diverse industries and backgrounds came together, forging connections that have the potential to lead to exciting partnerships and ventures. Attendees departed with fresh perspectives, valuable connections, and a shared commitment to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation and leadership in the business world.


The night would not have been possible without the Siegfried Group and Rob and Kathy Siegfried, who have developed a reputation by recognizing and honoring the leaders and influencers in the community. The higher purpose of the Siegfried Group and for Rob personally is to “Help people transform themselves into better leaders to exponentially improve their lives”.

The event as a whole was most definitely in line with that higher purpose. Overall, the 2023 Siegfried Award for Entrepreneurial Leadership Workshop & Dinner was an exciting platform for collaboration in refining leadership strategies and reinforcing the importance of entrepreneurial leadership in shaping a brighter future.

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