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A Recipe for Success: 2024 WE Hatch Breakfast Insights

WE Hatch is here to support, uplift, and recognize women making strides and impact. WE Hatch seeks to advance creative, innovative and entrepreneurial women within UD and the broader community. Through honor circle ceremonies and speaker breakfasts, women can congregate to share stories and advice with others to continue the cycle of support. On February 14th, a WE Hatch breakfast and interviews was hosted, featuring Chrissi Rawak.

Chrissi is the University of Delaware’s Director of Athletics & Recreation Services. As a woman with a leadership role in a male dominated space, she was a brilliant selection for this event. She was able to be genuine with the audience, sharing her insecurities, trials, successes, hopes, and insights for others to resonate with. This was done through a series of inquisitive questions from the host Laura Gasirowski and the audience filled with a wide range of different women with different roles and professions. With a passionate and raw conversation Chrissi was able to share a couple of insights with everyone.

“Men and women are simply different, and that’s fine”

In navigating male-dominated spaces, women require the same skills as their male counterparts, but sometimes with a nuanced perspective. Understanding that it's not solely about you but about the collective work is essential. As a woman working in an athletic leadership role, Chrissi feels it's crucial to maintain authenticity and stay true to yourself amidst any pressures to conform. Inserting yourself confidently from the outset can establish your presence without compromising your identity. Recognizing that gender differences exist without attributing value judgments to them is fundamental; men and women simply bring different perspectives and strengths to the table, and acknowledging this diversity fosters a more inclusive and productive environment.

“Create a space for others to be themselves, grow, and learn”

As a director, one of the best moments and most cherished memories for Chrissi was during graduation, witnessing the students walk across the stage with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude. Knowing that she played a part in creating an environment where they could truly be themselves, grow, and learn was immensely rewarding. However, what truly left a lasting impact was when former students returned to give updates on their lives. Hearing their success stories and seeing how they had flourished beyond the classroom was a testament to the profound influence she had on their lives and the lasting legacy of her dedication to education.

“Go back to your values”

Imposter syndrome often feels like a perpetual state of never feeling "done," a constant questioning of one's abilities and accomplishments. To counteract this, living in curiosity and surrounding yourself with individuals who are intellectually stimulating can provide valuable perspective and support. It's essential to periodically revisit personal values and reassess them, especially when encountering new experiences that may redefine their significance. Recognizing the role one occupies and acknowledging the contributions of those who have supported and guided along the way can help cultivate gratitude and alleviate feelings of inadequacy.

It's essential for leaders like Chrissi to share her insights and stories with others, not only to help foster a more understanding and empathetic work environment but to also uplift all kinds of women.

“I always wanted to come to the WE Hatch events and I’m so glad I came to this. It’s really nice to be surrounded by women and fill my personal cup in a space like this.” said Isabella Durante, ENTR student and E-club president.

It's great to know the WE Hatch program can set the stage for women to grow and develop alongside each other personally and professionally.

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