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DiFelice Awarded Primary Appointment in Lerner College

Vince_BlogHorn Entrepreneurship’s Vincent Di Felice, Manager of Venture Support, has been awarded a primary appointment as Senior Instructor of Practice and a secondary appointment of Faculty Director of Venture Support in the Department of Business Administration in the Lerner College of Business and Economics.

Vince has become the face of the venture support programs at Horn Entrepreneurship, helping and connecting with any and all students itching to get their idea off the ground. Before joining Horn, Vince’s entrepreneurial journey spanned 30 years and included co-founding an industry-leading cybersecurity company, Probaris Technologies, and a thriving $800M social impact fund, The Reinvestment Fund, among other ventures.

“When I came here after living the life of an entrepreneur, I had the chance to reflect on what I had done,” said Vince. “With The Reinvestment Fund, I created unique value that wasn't there before and it let me hire people, and give them paychecks and provide impact and social change to needy communities. And I wanted to help other people learn how to do the same because it was so meaningful to me. But after 3 years here what I've learned is that there's something uniquely valuable to students about the entrepreneurial method. It allows students to engage in a search and discover and find where they want their future to be, and with this faculty position I hope to help students through that process as long as I am able to.” 

Vince would like to thank Dan Freeman, Founding Director of Horn Entrepreneurship for all his support and the Department of Business Administration for the recognition and appointment. 

“It's a real privilege and honor and I’m most grateful to be a part of such a strong team at Horn Entrepreneurship,” said Vince. “I have had the fortune to be a part of some amazing successes and I can say with confidence that a strong team is a huge contributing factor and we have a great one here.”

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