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VentureOn Teams Pt. 2


VentureOn is a semester-long application-based program that offers students a chance to validate a problem and build a viable solution in resolving a chosen area of personal interest. Ventures range from social, to business, to product ideas. This article is the second in a series of three introducing the extensive and diverse teams in the VentureOn program.

Applications are now open for the Spring 2023 cohort of VentureOn. Apply now using the free time given by winter break or wait till later on, but make sure to beat the February 27 deadline!

VentureOn Fall 2022’s Health, Safety, and Sustainability Ventures

Marc Parsons ‘26, Entrepreneurship 

Hospital Price Transparency

Problem they wish to solve: The problem I am solving is hospital price transparency negligence.

Catherine Osinubi ‘26, Management Information Systems, and Abrar Hossain ‘26, Engineering

Chary Jewelry

Problem they wish to solve: We want to find a way to help reduce the chances of violence, kidnapping, and assault by equipping vulnerable people with a means to protect themselves.

Kayla Barr ‘26, Entrepreneurship


Problem they wish to solve: Providing underprivileged communities the resources that are not/scarcely available to them, allowing them to feel clean, safe, and/or fed. Ultimately the goal is to give them resources that are very accessible to other communities and to take away the everyday stress that people are burdened with in search of these resources, with a focus on youth in particular.

Alec Boyd ‘26, Entrepreneurship


Problem they wish to solve: The problem I am solving is limiting the amount of accidents and damaged vehicles from animals crossing the road.

Sarah Becker ‘24, Entrepreneurship

Maternal Consignment

Problem they wish to solve: Soon-to-be moms & recent moms have additional stress caused by the troubles they experience finding clothes that fit their changing physical appearance and style preferences.

Max Sewell ‘23, Entrepreneurship

NewPro Therapy

Problem they wish to solve: Providing everyday competitive people access to athletic trainers.

Max Scheiner ‘23, Energy and Environmental Policy


Problem they wish to solve: Creating a sustainable technology that gives easy access to poverty-stricken communities that need affordable clean wave energy.

Ashrey Mahesh ‘26, Computer Engineering

Healthcare’s Amazon

Problem they wish to solve: The lack of transparency in the healthcare sector. Our healthcare system places a formidable blockade between patients and providers. Important data like cost and quality of care are necessary for informed decision-making but are often wrongfully denied to patients.

Mandy Zicherman ‘23, Entrepreneurship and Management

Navigating Access

Problem they wish to solve: It is challenging for people with disabilities to get around campus and their communities. There is no easy way to get detailed and updated accessibility information in advance.

Usama Mahmood ‘23, Computer Science


Problem they wish to solve: Gait assessments require using expensive equipment (cameras and sensors) and require a visit to the clinic. 

Hiren Walia ‘23, Neuroscience


Problem they wish to solve: The problem of excess food waste and lack of topsoil.

David Balogh ‘26, Mechanical Engineering


Problem they wish to solve: Allowing less flexible people to wash their whole body while minimizing body wash and shampoo waste.

Isabella Ginzburg ‘24, Entrepreneurship

The Broken Token Club

Problem they wish to solve: Following a difficult breakup, it is extremely likely for people to experience stress, anxiety or even depression. There is a huge shortage in terms of post-breakup resources available, and thus, it is difficult for many people to find their next steps after exiting a relationship.

Benjamin Quinutolo ‘23, Food Science


Problem they wish to solve: The lack of healthy food trucks in the industry and creating a healthy food truck franchise.

Anthony Denney ‘23, Entrepreneurship and Marketing

Drop Confection LLC

Problem they wish to solve: Candy that exists today is not suitable for a variety of lifestyles, specifically vegan and plant-based. Additionally, most candy is wrapped in plastic so it is harmful for the environment.

Garrison Davis ‘23, International Business M.S.

Little Bob Technologies

Problem they wish to solve: We are making investing in and accessing solar energy more accessible to low and middle-income communities

Emilie Delaye ‘24, Entrepreneurship

Amour Propre (Self Love) or Aime Toi Plus (Love yourself more)

Problem they wish to solve: People apply makeup on their face to increase confidence but the makeup is not made FOR your skin (products are harmful - cause breakouts). Overall, I believe there is a large gap between the makeup industry/products & the skincare industry/products. It seems there needs to be products that are both.

Max Sewell ‘23, Entrepreneurship, and Hayley Penn ‘22, Health Behavior Science

Upcycle Design

Problem they wish to solve: UP Cycle Design is a sustainable fashion startup focused on diverting fabric from landfills and creating handmade products from this material.

Zhewen Li ‘23, Marketing

Find a Friend

Problem they wish to solve: Loneliness due to lack of activity

Eesha Shah ‘23, Public Policy and Communication, Santha Rani ‘22, Neuroscience

Supremely Sweet

Problem they wish to solve: 3.7 million children and 13.3 million adults have a food allergy in the United States alone. For individuals with specialized diets, locating ingredients that cater to their needs is difficult, and finding sweet alternatives are nearly impossible.

Aidan Moffa ‘24, Entrepreneurship


Problem they wish to solve: We are solving people being dissatisfied with the current pre-workout formulas and companies. We are also solving the problem of people not knowing enough information on ingredients and what is in the formulas.

Anthony Denney ‘23, Entrepreneurship and Marketing

Better Delights

Problem they wish to solve: Every candy on the market either contains animal products or artificial chemicals and tons of added sugar and is wrapped in plastic. For a growing plant-based lifestyle, this presents a problem with ingredients but also in the packaging.

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