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Horn Entrepreneurship

The Power of Routine


Don’t sit down at work! Get your exercise, even if it’s just a brisk walk! Speed read books first thing when you wake up! Sound familiar? I can’t go a few hours without having my inbox deluged with tons of ways to improve my productivity and happiness.

It can be easy to look around at the content on social media and sites like Medium and give up immediately. I mean, it’s just overwhelming: improving (and changing) everything in my life just sounds too daunting a task to even attempt.

I spent the majority of my summer with that same defeated attitude. It wasn’t until the semester started that I realized the easy changes I could have made to make it more successful. Improving my productivity wasn’t about reading as many books as I could, or finding small chunks of time to be physically active. It was about finding a better routine and building lasting, beneficial habits.

My routine was built entirely around the small-win mentality. By focusing on delivering small wins, I can better prevent drops in focus and dips in motivation. I try to start my days off with a simple chore or task: doing the previous night’s dishes, or even making my bed. It’s all about doing something simple just to trick your brain into thinking you’ve made progress and empowering yourself to keep going.

Setting yourself up for a positive and productive day through routine is about more than just small wins though. The small wins may power you through the day, but only purpose will get you through the big projects. Take the time to evaluate what’s important to you and what you want to accomplish on campus during your semester, and structure your routine around delivering the best progress towards your goals.

Armed with a small-win mentality and a planned routine optimized around your biggest goals, you can greatly improve your productivity and your positivity. Over time, the routine will shift into a habit, and the need to follow a pattern will inspire you to work through tough stretches of overwhelming work and distractions.

Share your ideas for the best routines on social media using #HornHealthy or connect with other students at Horn Entrepreneurship Free Lunch Friday on Fridays at 11 a.m. The free event is open to any UD student and features a speaker and free lunch on a first come, first served basis at the Venture Development Center on 132 East Delaware Avenue.


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