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Horn Entrepreneurship

Teams to Watch at Tech Innovation Showcase

2018-28-08_SF-DemoDay-34_blog-1University of Delaware Horn Entrepreneurship will hold the inaugural Tech Innovation Showcase on Thursday, Oct. 4 at the Perkins Student Center from 12:30 to 5 p.m. The showcase is an opportunity to engage with UD’s top scientists and engineers who are creating solutions to the world’s biggest problems, and features seventeen presenter teams.

Some of the most exciting technological and scientific developments will be on display. University of Delaware students may attend the event for just $5.



Hao Liu and Erik Thostenson are in the process of commercializing a structural health monitoring system to improve the safety and longevity of infrastructure and bridges.

The monitoring system assesses the health of structures through the use of carbon nanotube-based sensors, data acquisition hardware and data analysis software.

In a quote from UDaily, entrepreneurial lead Hao Liu said: “We can attach or embed these low-cost and high-accuracy sensors to structures to detect the damage or deformation of the structures.” Slight changes in the nanotubes denote a structural deficiency for those monitoring to check in on.



GeoSwap, the location based digital marketing app that connects users to local events, has quietly grown and expanded its offerings.

The startup was founded by Jason Bamford, Jordan Gonzalez and Keith Doggett in 2017, and is now based in Wilmington, Delaware. The new product offering is based in the same tech that runs the app, but it has evolved to now include Programmatic Event Audience Targeting. Digital advertisers, with this technology, can place their ads directly in front of target consumers through the use of location based data. 

The evolution of the technology has come through a year of growth after attempts at expanding the application’s presence in larger East Coast cities.

“When you’re in NYC and you walk outside and there are a thousand things to do, you don’t need our app as much,” Bamford said in a quote obtained from Technical.ly. “It works in Wilmington and Newark and other smaller markets where people come and are like ‘What is there to do around here?'”


Resonate Forward

Resonate Forward, LLC, a team made of material science professors and engineers Theresa Litherland, Ingrid Pretzer-Aboff, Richard Martin, Bruce Chase, Scott Jones, John Rabolt and Param Sreekanth.

Resonate Forward has researched and developed vibrating therapeutic technology to aid Parkinson’s Disease patients in their ability to walk at the University of Delaware. Parkinson’s Disease patients suffer from debilitating conditions that slowly take away the ability to walk independently. The vibrating technology returns some independence and comfort to those struggling to walk. 


Admission to the Technology Innovation Showcase is $50. Student tickets are $5. To register for the event, visit https://bit.ly/2PdThS2.


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