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Summer Founders: Samantha and Heather

Summer founders Samantha and Heather

With the approach of Summer Founders Demo Day, take the opportunity to delve deeper into the profiles of our exceptional cohort members and their innovative ventures. Samantha McGhee and Heather Stroili have worked diligently throughout the summer to find a niche that they can service in their respective industries, human resources and fashion. Read on to discover their narratives, the significance their startups offer, and their focal points set for the past and future.

Samantha McGhee, Founder of Miss Boulevard

Samantha McGhee, a double major in Fashion Merchandising & Management and Entrepreneurship, passionately pursued her affinity for fashion in beginning her entrepreneurial journey with the launch of Miss Boulevard. Fueled by her devotion to the world of fashion, Samantha identified a pressing issue: the challenge people faced in achieving a harmonious blend of style, comfort, and personal expression in their clothing choices.

At the heart of her startup's mission lies the profound belief that their offerings encompass more than just garments; they encapsulate a lifestyle. This distinctive approach takes form through the incorporation of inspiring quotes directly onto the clothing, resonating deeply with individuals and fostering meaningful connections within the realm of fashion. What sets this clothing brand apart is its ability to synergize the power of quotes with the fashion community's network, creating a dynamic and enriched sense of belonging. McGhee's vision extends beyond clothing; she envisions a thriving community, cultivated through an array of fashion events such as pop-up shops and networking gatherings.

As the Summer comes to a conclusion, Samantha McGhee's strategic focus centers on refining the company's messaging, highlighting its unique value proposition, and honing in on her pitch to attract potential investors and advisors. This period marks a crucial phase of development, where the brand’s essence and potential are paving the way for a compelling future.


Heather Stroili, Founder of Full-Time Fit

Heather Stroili, a recent graduate from the University of Delaware, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey with the creation of her startup, Full-Time Fit. This startup addresses the issue of employers investing resources in the physical and mental well-being of their employees, only to find that these resources often go unused. With a deep-rooted passion for human resources, Stroili knew that her strengths would be best fit for that industry. Nevertheless, she pivoted her business concept multiple times before she came to the conclusion of what Full-Time Fit really embodied to enter the up-and-coming market competitively. 

Conducting thorough customer discovery research, Heather unveiled a crucial insight: the existing mental and physical health offerings provided by employers often fail to resonate with employees. In a time where holistic health is gaining traction, particularly among the younger generation, she knew it was optimal to use this discovery to her advantage. Stroili's ingenious remedy revolves around a management consulting service that establishes a vital link between employers and wellness resources. This entails an immersive approach where her team assesses a company's current offerings, identifies wastage, and cultivates enduring partnerships through ongoing engagement and collaborative meetings.

As the summer unfolds, Stroili remains committed to refining her startup vision. She aims to position herself as an entrepreneur dedicated to a venture that aligns with her passion, diligently pursuing independent contracts and nurturing her startup alongside.

See what Samantha, Heather, and the rest of our Summer Founders have accomplished these past months at Summer Founders Demo Day on August 17 at the Bob Carpenter Center. Register for a free ticket now before supply runs out!

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