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Summer Founders: Lauren Roberts and Emilie Delaye

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As we approach Summer Founders Demo Day on August 17, get to know our amazing cohort members and their ventures a little bit more. Emilie Delaye and Lauren Roberts are both dedicated entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in everyday people's lives, yet they plan to do it in very different ways. Read on to learn about their stories, the unique brands of entrepreneurship they utilize, and their focuses for this summer.

Lauren Roberts, Founder of Obenaturelle

Lauren Roberts possesses an innate entrepreneurial spirit, evident from her early ventures into multiple businesses during her childhood. It came as no surprise when she conceptualized the idea of Obenaturelle, a thriving terrarium business. Through Obenaturelle, Lauren aspires to do more than just sell a product; she aims to offer customers a captivating experience, bringing people together to embrace a new hobby while finding relief from the stresses of everyday life.

As a rising Sophomore, Lauren has already achieved success, consistently generating around $20,000 in annual sales. This summer, she has set her sights on Summer Founders to enhance her marketing prowess significantly. Lauren's primary focus will be on driving more traffic to her website through innovative marketing strategies and gaining valuable insights into the intricacies of running a successful business.

With a ton of drive and a unique business concept, Lauren’s Summer Founders experience has led to several unique opportunities and connections. The anticipation is high for Demo Day to see what Lauren and Obenaturelle accomplished as they embarked on a journey of growth and exploration.


Emilie Delaye, Founder of Relief

Emilie Delaye's inspiring journey began when she faced her own chronic health challenges, dealing with a diagnosis of Lyme Disease. While balancing her academic pursuits as an Entrepreneurship student at the University of Delaware, she struggled to manage her illness and medical appointments. Drawing strength from her experiences, Emilie was determined to make a meaningful impact on the lives of women like her, who are also battling chronic illnesses. Thus, the vision for her company, Relief, was born - a venture driven by the desire to give back and create a better life for those in similar circumstances.

Emilie's passion goes beyond merely starting a business; she envisions Relief as a powerful force for transformation. This promising endeavor aims to provide solace and support to women facing health challenges, becoming a beacon of hope for those navigating similar paths. By sharing her own journey and experiences, she aims to foster a sense of belonging and empowerment among the community she serves.

This summer, Emilie is committed to exploring problem-fit for Relief and her target audience, with a family of strong supporters by her side. With a clear vision in mind, she believes that developing a thoughtful and effective solution is well within her grasp. As the summer unfolds, we eagerly anticipate the progress Relief will make and the positive impact it will have on the lives of countless women.

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