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Horn Entrepreneurship

Savvy Sisters Media at VentureOn


University of Delaware Horn Entrepreneurship VentureOn program has officially accepted Savvy Sisters Media into its Fall 2017 semester cohort. Savvy Sisters Media is a digital agency that specializes in social media marketing and is spearheaded by senior Integrated Communications major Jamie Levy.

“I am so excited for VentureOn and to have the chance to connect with other people in the community,” said Levy. “The best ideas come from collaboration and with so many smart and positive people surrounding me I think it will be one of the most productive experiences in my life.”

The hardworking senior spent a considerable amount of time at the Venture Development Center over the past year but never found herself fully involved in Horn Entrepreneurship programming.

 “I just used the VDC as a workspace and came to Workshop Wednesday and Free Lunch Friday. It is really amazing how it has all worked out now and how I am able to take full advantage of all the awesome support and staff here.”

Levy and her cousin Tara Levy, of the Fashion Institute of Technology, started the social media marketing agency in July of 2016. In the year since the pair have grown tremendously after taking on several clients and now Levy hopes to leverage previous knowledge with what VentureOn has to offer. 

“In the past year we have learned how vital customer discovery is. We took on a variety of clients who were in very niche industries and our talents and services were not being fully optimized. Now we are finding businesses who we really connect with on a personal level. We look for a basic understanding of social media and the whole process behind PR” said Levy. “We hope to grow and progress even more at VentureOn and I really want to lock down and clarify our unique value proposition. Right now, we are in an agency model that is very different than other ventures in the program.”

Savvy Sisters Media and Levy have already seen some progress through the fall semester. Levy recruited 10 student interns to help divide and conquer while she focuses on improving the agency as a whole.

“I was able to recruit 10 volunteer interns and focus on our next steps,” said Levy. “We want to start building out social media training videos and webinars so we can share knowledge and information with other people and businesses.”


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