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New Year, New Habits, New Possibilities

writingMy 2018 was filled with many personal ups and downs and now that the new year is here, it feels like I have been searching for my resolution for months, trying to find some personal positivity amidst my struggles. 

I stumbled onto my rather-cliche-but-still-powerful resolution during one of my favorite end of year customs. I make it my business to listen to as many albums as I can every year, and each year culminates with a celebratory ‘Best Of’ list, highlighting what I found outstanding or phenomenal in my music.

I started my tradition on a quiet morning alone in my living room, all of my roommates asleep. By using the ‘Recently Added’ tab on Apple Music, users can view their library of music by the order in which albums were added. Scrolling back further and further through the tab reminded me not only of music I had forgotten about but of memories and experiences long forgotten in the stress of the semester.

Though I love the tradition, making the initial all-encompassing list can be tedious, and it became even more frustrating when I struggled to remember what I had and hadn’t listened to.

My peace and quiet in the living room slowly turned to chatter as my roommates stirred and took it upon themselves to distract me. Soon, I realize I was participating in another of my favorite traditions: storytelling. For as long as I can remember, mornings with friends were relaxing moments of reminiscing on the night before and the best times shared with one another. 

Sharing these moments is incredibly special and something I want to cherish for the rest of my life. As I sat smiling and laughing with my friends, I realized the power of daily writing in helping me remember my favorite experiences as well as my favorite music. I decided to make the practice of daily writing my New Year’s Resolution, creating a time capsule of sorts to capture the ups and downs of the year in detail.

Daily writing is often glorified, but the benefits of a daily practice like writing can do wonders for you. The skill of writing and expressing one’s thoughts can always be improved and by becoming better at expression, together we can improve communication – in the workplace, classroom and at home.

The practice of journaling also includes personal reflection by default. Personal reflection is super important in determining what matters most to you, and by finding out what matters most, you can find out how best to make it happen.

Share your own New Year’s Resolutions, or new ideas for positive change, by using #HornHealthy.

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