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Pitch Your Value to Find the Right Fit


After deeply exploring the tech space on his entrepreneurial journey, Jonathan Wood, Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics, Class of 2019, discovered his true unique value. The recent graduate emphasized his own tech and entrepreneurial capabilities to land a full-time tech role within PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), a Big Four public accounting firm with more than 250,000 global employees.

“I am a part of a smaller tech firm within the larger audit firm,” explained Jonathan, whose official title at PwC is Data Science Associate. “We are building programs and applications for AI machine learning, APIs, lots of digital tools that center around saving CPAs time.” The consulting accounting business is awash with papers and documentation, making it imperative for employees to read through piles of material, but Jonathan is working on tech to help read through contracts faster.   

Jonathan is well known around the Horn Entrepreneurship community for his work with blockchain as well as founding ventures such as VoteLock and SolveABET, the latter a startup that Jonathan pitched at Hen Hatch finals. The young entrepreneur landed his role at PwC by sticking to his guns and emphasizing that his strengths and skills lay in his passion and interests. 


“PwC came to campus to hire for CPAs and consultants in its Philadelphia office,” shared Jonathan. “I went in to interview, and I made sure to talk about the hackathons with blockchain I’ve helped set up along with my other tech experience. They called me back that night to explain that while I wouldn’t have a place in the Philadelphia office, I was an excellent fit for a tech role in New York City.”

Jonathan decided he was interested in learning more about the role in New York City, and through remote interviews was able to land the position. The role focuses on software development and allows Jonathan to work with top-level coders and tech employees, an opportunity that wouldn’t have been possible if Jonathan didn’t talk about his skills outside of the scope of the job he was interviewing for. 

“It’s super important to know what you’re going to say in the interview and to manage your brand,” said Jonathan. “If I had just tailored my answers to what the position was I would be in Philadelphia doing consulting, which just isn't as interesting to me. Tech and software is my unique value and, by me explaining that, I created the opportunity for me to pursue something that I truly care about.”

Jonathan just recently began working with PwC and is busy adjusting to his new office and role. But the transition period hasn’t deterred Jonathan’s desire to bring new ideas to the table and provide innovative processes. 

“I can already see how I could constantly bring new ideas and new solutions to the table and have it actually be valuable for my own career and for the firm as a whole,” said Jonathan.

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