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Horn Entrepreneurship

Horn Entrepreneurship's Awards & Scholarships 2024

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Horn Entrepreneurship at the University of Delaware is pleased to unveil a dynamic shift in the application process for our esteemed Entrepreneurship Awards and Scholarships. Departing from traditional essays, the new modernized approach seeks to streamline the process for students while providing a better assessment through the eyes of our newly implemented selection committee, composed of Horn Entrepreneurship faculty and staff. Applications are now open until March 10.

Brad & Jennifer Bono Award (One award available for $2,000) 

Are you a student demonstrating exceptional entrepreneurial leadership and a commitment to social impact? The Brad & Jennifer Bono Award, set at $2,000, acknowledges individuals who bring people together to address societal challenges. To be considered, demonstrate your vision and initiative by expressing your interest in the "Brad & Jennifer Bono Award" section of the application and sharing your practical initiatives.

Shawn & Sheryl McCall Award for Entrepreneurship (Two awards available, $2,500 each)

For those embodying entrepreneurial promise, the Shawn & Sheryl McCall Award, featuring two prizes at $2,500 each, offers a platform for recognition. Showcase your commitment through experiential learning activities that foster an entrepreneurial mindset. Indicate your interest in the "Shawn & Sheryl McCall Award" section of the application and articulate your journey in creating value from novel ideas.

Horn Entrepreneurship Award (One award available for $1,500)

If you possess a meritorious track record and have immediate plans for funding, the Horn Entrepreneurship Award, valued at $1,500, is designed for you. Demonstrate your merit through activities positioning you for success, such as gaining traction for a new venture. Select the "Horn Entrepreneurship Award" in the application and explain your strategic plan for utilizing the funds promptly to be considered.

David J. Freschman Scholarship ($4,000 available for multiple awards)

For potential entrepreneurs with energy, determination, and sales acumen, the David J. Freschman Scholarship, comprising multiple awards totaling $4,000, is a testament to your potential. Narrate your story through work experience, academic achievements, and extracurriculars. Apply for the "David J. Freschman Scholarship" and describe your financial need for consideration.

Rysheema Dixon Legacy Award (One award available for $2,000)

Introducing the Rysheema Dixon Legacy Award, designed to commend student social innovators and entrepreneurs committed to uplifting others. Engaged in projects that benefit the socially and economically disadvantaged? Share your story under the "Rysheema Dixon Legacy Award" to contend for this $2,000 prize.

In this revamped application process, bid farewell to essays and welcome a more interactive and engaging experience. Horn Entrepreneurship's esteemed awards committee is poised to review your dynamic applications and select standout candidates for these highly coveted awards and scholarships. Include up to 4 Faculty References who vouch for your academic prowess, describe how Horn Entrepreneurship has shaped your trajectory, and share insights into your current business or social venture if applicable. Seize the opportunity to showcase your vision, leadership, and commitment to positive change.

Learn more and apply today: https://www.udel.edu/research-innovation/horn/student-enrichment/awards-scholarships/

About Horn Entrepreneurship

Horn Entrepreneurship serves as the creative engine for entrepreneurship education and advancement at the University of Delaware. Currently ranked among the best entrepreneurship programs in the US, Horn Entrepreneurship was built and is actively supported by successful entrepreneurs, empowering aspiring innovators as they pursue new ideas for a better world.

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