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Horn Entrepreneurship

Horn Certificates: Design & Creative Making

Design and creative making certificate blog sizeThe Design & Creative Making certificate is offered through the College of Arts & Sciences and teaches students how to think creatively and apply entrepreneurial thinking to design creation. I interviewed freshmen Fashion Merchandising major Brianna O’Doherty about why she joined the Design and Creative Making certificate and how she intends to utilize entrepreneurship skills in fashion merchandising.

As a Fashion Merchandising student, what did you wish to gain from the Design & Creative Making entrepreneurship program?

As a fashion merchandising student, through the Design and Creative Making entrepreneurship program, I was hoping to be able to get an even more in-depth understanding of how businesses work both on an entrepreneurial level and a corporate level. And to further my skill set and knowledge as I continue with my education and eventually head into a professional career in the fashion industry.

Has your newfound understanding of entrepreneurship changed your perspective of Fashion Merchandising or what you'd like to do with it? 

Yes, my newfound understanding of entrepreneurship has definitely changed my perspective on fashion merchandising and what I would like to do with it. It has given me an even greater desire to eventually try and start my own business one day with the goal of having green and ethical business practices.

What's one thing you've learned in entrepreneurship that really surprised you?

Something that surprised me about social entrepreneurship is the fact that there are whole companies that are founded on the idea of giving back to the world as a whole. I think oftentimes we only hear about fast fashion brands and companies that take advantage of communities and natural resources, so it was incredible to learn that there are whole business models built around leaving the world better than the way we found it and it makes you think that more companies should adopt policies like these.

Which course from the program are you most looking forward to and why? 

 I am most looking forward to taking the From Ideas to Action course which will start In the fall semester of 2020. It is a course designed to give you a detailed basic understanding of how to build businesses from the ground up and how to take something from an idea to a reality. As someone who has always been interested in how businesses come about I am really looking forward to learning about all of the inner workings of a successful brand or company. 

How do you plan on utilizing what you've learned in entrepreneurship in your career, life, or studies going forward? 

I plan to use what I’ve learned in social entrepreneurship to influence the business decisions I make in the future whether it be for my own personal company or a company I work for. To think about the community at large as opposed to just personal profit. 

Lastly, would you recommend this program to other students? 

I would definitely recommend this program to other students. It is an excellent way to broaden your horizons, learn creative skills, leadership skills, and business tactics that can help you in the future no matter what career path you choose.

Horn Entrepreneurship offers seven entrepreneurship-based certificates that can help expand students knowledge of entrepreneurship, as well as how to apply entrepreneurial thinking to a wide variety of fields.

Each certificate is a collaboration between Horn Entrepreneurship and one of the seven colleges at the University of Delaware. These certificates offer students the opportunity to enhance their creativity, problem-solving abilities, leadership skills, and much more. Current certificate members offer nothing but praise for the program, and many cite this brief introduction to entrepreneurship as a wonderful starting point for any student who may be interested in business or innovation. To learn more about the certificates offered, check out our introductory article.

These certificate programs only require students to take 9-10 credits in order to reach completion, and many of the current certificate program members  have emphasized how manageable and beneficial the certificate program has been for them. They stress how empowering an entrepreneurial education can be, and note that entrepreneurship has evolved their understanding of their other studies as well.

The Design & Creative Making certificate gives students the opportunity to fuse creativity and innovation with business and entrepreneurship. Creativity is an important characteristic for any entrepreneur to possess, and this program provides a way for students to channel their creativity into entrepreneurial problem-solving and decision-making. Visit this web page to learn more about the requirements for Design & Creative Making

For more information about the other seven certificates visit this web page for all the requirements.

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