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Horn Entrepreneurship

Hen Hatch 2023: A Celebration of Entrepreneurship

After careful consideration, Horn Entrepreneurship has selected the finalists for Hen Hatch, the University of Delaware’s premier startup competition held annually.  The entries this year show a wide array of students passionate about entrepreneurship, coming from a variety of colleges, majors, and interests. As difficult as the teams made it for our judges to come to a decision, we have successfully narrowed it down to a few especially promising innovators that we are excited to highlight in the final round. Students, alumni, and other community members interested in watching the Hen Hatch final round can register for the event to reserve a seat or watch from home via a live stream.

The Hen Hatch final round which will take place on November 16, from 5pm to 10pm at the STAR Audion and Atrium. During this final round, the four students with the most compelling business concepts will each have the opportunity to present a seven minute pitch to a live audience and a panel of judges for evaluation. After their pitches, contestants will answer questions about their ventures from our judges, who have gained expertise and knowledge in their respective industries as entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Within the prize pool allocated for the final round, our finalists have a shot at gaining pivotal funding for their startups, as well as an assortment of other forms of venture support. The competition features a substantial $50,000 prize pool that encompasses a diverse array of in-kind gifts designed to enrich the entrepreneurial experience of our finalists. The in-kind gifts range from support for conferences and competitions to paid business services, which can open doors and allow the finalist teams to take their startups to the next level. 

In the midst of excitement with the Hen Hatch finalists, Horn Entrepreneurship will also be honoring the recipients of our annual Blue Hen 17&43 Awards. The Blue Hen 17 & 43 Awards expand on the University of Delaware’s long history of innovation and entrepreneurship dating back to the institution’s establishment in 1743 by celebrating growing businesses founded or led by UD alumni. The award winners will receive their awards and be recognized for their entrepreneurial achievements while the judges deliberate following all four of the final round’s pitches.

In addition to the pitches of the Hen Hatch final round and the Blue Hen 17 & 43 Awards, the evening will also include the University of Delaware Innovation Showcase. This showcase will serve as a platform for presenting an array of innovation projects and budding startup businesses, highlighting the university's commitment to fostering entrepreneurial talent. Attendees can look forward to gaining insights into cutting-edge ideas and engaging with the dynamic world of innovation at the university.

Meet our 2023 Hen Hatch Finalists and Semifinalists:


OBEnaturelle - Lauren Roberts, Entrepreneurship, Class of 2026

OBEnaturelle is a startup on a mission to cultivate a thriving community of plant enthusiasts through innovative products, educational content, and engaging workshops such as terrarium kits, various plant propagations, handcrafted pots, and others.


BonaFyde - Nicholai Williamson, Entrepreneurship, Class of 2026

BonaFyde facilitates two way communication between prospective international students and current college students, simultaneously providing universities with an opportunity to engage with potential international students who might not be aware of their existence.


Miss Boulevard - Samantha McGhee, Entrepreneurship and Fashion Merchandising, Class of 2025

A loungewear brand that has a balance of comfort and self expression.


Legacy Loom - Ian Drogowitz, Marketing, Class of 2023

Legacy Loom transforms life's celebrated moments into immersive QR code virtual galleries, preserving cherished memories and deepening connections at weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and milestone events.



Treeway - Deuce Mutts, University Studies, Class of 2027

Treeway is a three-section beverage container designed to address the challenges of transporting various beverages.


Elia - Gabriel Cofre, Quantum Science (Graduate), Class of 2026

Elia is an AI-driven feedback platform with a voice interface that empowers organizations to gather, analyze, and act upon valuable insights from clients through interactive, real-time, and open-ended questions. 


EGGS FAC - Pradeep Kumar Murugesan, MBA, Class of 2024

Eggsfac is a distinctive food franchise that celebrates egg-centric cuisine from around the world. By blending global flavors with this beloved ingredient, it caters to a specialized market, providing takeout and delivery services, with the goal of enchanting egg enthusiasts, health-conscious individuals, and culinary adventurers alike.


One Click Docs - Alex Berman, MechE, Class of 2025

One Click Docs specializes in creating tailored software programs designed to seamlessly connect and streamline the exchange of information across various technologies.


TRUNKLINK - Mannat Soni, University Studies, Class of 2026

TRUCKLINK aims to introduce a specialized service that enables remote diagnostic testing and resetting of trucks, effectively minimizing downtime and the inconveniences typically associated with traditional physical maintenance procedures.


GearNGo Vending - Gavin Fleetwood, MechE, Class of 2027

GearNGo is a vending company with a mission to enhance accessibility to sports equipment and promote a positive environmental impact.


FLIXIX - Alec Boyd, Entrepreneurship, 2026

FLIXIX is a personalized entertainment guide app that helps you discover and enjoy movies, shows, and documentaries tailored to your tastes, with features for both free and premium users, while also providing monetization options for content providers.


ZNAKICKS LLC - Aiden Dufal, Finance, Class of 2025

ZNAKICKS empowers driven high school and college students to transform their passion for sneakers into a tangible business by providing a tailored action plan, mentorship, and additional resources to assist them in realizing their specific objectives.


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