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Horn Entrepreneurship

Hen Hatch 2021 Semifinalist Announcement

2021 Hen Hatch for Eventbrite (600 x 315 px)Hen Hatch, Horn Entrepreneurship’s premier startup funding competition, will hold its semifinal round on Nov. 4, 2021 to determine which six most promising concepts will advance to the finals to be held on Dec. 2, 2021. The 21 semifinalist teams have already progressed through one round of judging.

Hen Hatch now consists exclusively of student-led startup teams, and it is divided into two competitive tracks: twelve will compete in a Pre-Revenue Track, which features startups that are not yet in a revenue-generating stage, and nine will compete in a Post-Revenue Track, wherein startups qualify by either having generated revenue or having received customer consideration or equity investments.

Semifinal presentations will be limited to 7 minutes per team and will also include a Q&A session with judges of up to 5 minutes. Semifinals will take place without an audience. Three semifinalists from each track will advance to the 2021 Hen Hatch Final Round which will take place on Dec. 2. Rewards of startup cash and prizes will total $50,000 with additional in-kind gifts. “These Hen Hatch semifinal teams are representative of UD’s spirit and tradition of innovation,” said Vince DiFelice, Senior Instructor of Practice and Faculty Director of Venture Support for Horn Entrepreneurship. Learn more about this event and reserve your spot at: Hen Hatch 2021 Eventbrite

Check out our amazing 21 semi finalists here:

Pre-Revenue Track Semifinalists:

Leaders of the Free World, Lavar Thomas

LFW provides international experiences and transformational leadership development to young Black men.

Soceaze, Derek Mihalecko

Soceaze is a platform to connect local businesses with local college students to address the problem of certain owners not having the time or the best knowledge to run it themselves.

ShareWallet, Jason Bangser

ShareWallet puts you and your friends' product and service referral links all in one social platform, making earning mutual rewards ridiculously easy.

Crypto Crate, Alexander Pugliese

Crypto Crate is a Non-Fungible Token autograph packs by celebrities via a website platform that is simple and much easier to use, and teaches people the ins-and-outs of NFT technology.

ReTeen, Bridget Bergan & Nathaniel George

ReTeen is a personalized activity finder for aging adults who are looking to find a new hobby to keep themselves mentally and physically active.

Supremely Sweet, Santha Rani & Esha Shah

Supremely Sweet provides sweet and healthy options, starting with a chocolate bar, for their customers made with ingredients that are friendly to their dietary needs by eliminating all traditional allergens like nuts, corn, gluten, egg, and lactose.

Wardrobe Icon, Gerald Berman

Wardrobe icon is a platform built to aid individuals in the outfit selection process to enhance their confidence and comfort in their own styles.

Aspire Interactive, Lily Checkoff

Aspire Interactive will offer virtual wellness and self-improvement coaching.

Notus, Michael Guigliano

Notus is a digital information platform built around the use of dynamic bulletin boards, known as cards.

Navigating Access, Amanda Zicherman

Navigating Access is an interactive crowd-sourced accessibility map.

Dear Volunteer, Isabella Duarte

Dear Volunteer is an app for charities and volunteers.

Metamorphic Housing Solutions, Carlos Benito

With Metamorphic Housing Solutions, I intend to create communities of young people by helping them find housing near one another to help foster the creation of social connections and essential support systems to end the loneliness epidemic among young Americans.

Post-Revenue Track Semifinalists:

Sustainable Fashion Education, Miriam Keegan

Sustainable Fashion Education is an online sustainable fashion and sewing education service for professional educators and conscious consumers of fashion. We aim to provide our customers with the solutions they need in order to combat climate change and the fast fashion industry through education and sewing.

Stemmer, Samuel Goetz

Stemmer is a web app that automates the organization process of music audio engineers.

UP Cycle Design, Sierra RyanWallick

UP Cycle Design is a zero-waste, sustainable fashion brand that upcycles materials like fabric, plastic bags, and thread into new products, while supporting community causes and teaching career readiness.

Rams Head, Karl Green, Mary Kegelman, Eric Bilodeau

We believe in sustainability and environmental responsibility to better the world we live in by supporting local communities, farms, and businesses through which we will produce an alcohol that young adults can identify their own personal beliefs with.

Common Grounds, Lynn Roberts

Common Grounds is an event-based cultural catering service, which aids corporations in expanding their diversity, equity, and inclusion goals; additionally, a technology platform is in development to establish connections to uplift the community and support the continuation of DEI as a lifestyle.

Better Delights, Tony Denney

Better Delights is a plant-based candy in sustainable packaging that better aligns with plant-based lifestyles.

Pick-Up Sports, Michael Meola

Pick-Up Sports is a youth sports program that introduces young athletes to a wide variety of sports to encourage them to be multi-sport athletes rather than one-sport specialists because of things like overuse injuries and mental burnout caused by specialization.

Special Space, Domenic Massimo

Special Space is an online social platform made specifically for individuals with Special Needs to develop and grow relationships in their communities in a safe and private manner. Special Space maintains the goal of creating sustainable relationships for the special needs community.

StatusQ, Mo Mahmood

StatusQ is an innovative D2C health data platform as a new longevity-research focused patient recruitment and engagement channel. StatusQ is reinventing the user value from participation in trials.

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