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Horn Entrepreneurship

Finding a Path Through Entrepreneurship


For Matt Wilens, entrepreneurship was the final piece of the puzzle, the component of his education that connected the dots and solidified the value of his degree.

“Looking back at the start of my journey into entrepreneurship, after a bunch of switching around other business majors, it is easy to see just how impactful it was for me,” said Wilens. “Even the intro course was really impactful in changing my perspective on how to solve problems.”

Wilens added an Entrepreneurial Studies minor to supplement his marketing degree. The business major was keen to add something to differentiate his degree and skill set.

“I have always seen myself as an ideas guy, that’s why I went into marketing after bouncing around,” explained Wilens. “The Entrepreneurial Studies minor felt like the perfect avenue because it teaches how to apply your ideas anywhere, whether that’s in a corporate setting or elsewhere.”

The process of idea to action had a profound effect on Wilens, who was able to perfect the process throughout his studies.

“The intro course got me started on a dedicated habit of coming up with ten new ideas a day,” said Wilens. “But it’s so much more than that. It used to be, ‘I don’t know where to go from here, or even start,’ but now, my brain has done a total flip and I can go about growing and improving things.”

Wilens developed much more than just his ideation skills. The E-studies student was able to grow his confidence speaking to people and presenting his ideas in an attractive way.

“Entrepreneurship is applicable to all areas of life,” said Wilens. “It has taught me that I can create and optimize my skills anywhere, and has helped so much with the work I am doing now.”

Wilens now works for Daymond John, a Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank, and a world renowned serial entrepreneur. Wilens is working as a Client Growth Specialist for Daymond on Demand, an entrepreneurial training program developed by the famous entrepreneur. The recent UD graduate is working to grow the customer base of the new training program while also working to implement customer feedback into the evolution of the product.

“It’s so easy to get trapped in the idea that entrepreneurship is just creating your own business,” said Wilens. “It’s so much more; you can be entrepreneurial within a company and create more value. That’s what makes the curriculum so special at the University of Delaware, it’s actually flexible and completely tailored in every aspect to be able to apply entrepreneurial tenets.”

Wilens only wishes he had more time: “Entrepreneurship really goes under the radar, but it’s an amazing skill set to develop and teaches you critical lessons quickly.”

Horn Entrepreneurship Success Stories

As the world continues to evolve, the value of an entrepreneurial skill set only rises. The Success Stories series showcases the alumni from Horn Entrepreneurship creating opportunity and impact as they blaze their own trails following their time with the University of Delaware.

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