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Horn Entrepreneurship

Bright Ideas Shined at the 2023 Spring Pitch Party

ELL at the Spring Pitch Party

Horn Entrepreneurship and E-Club once again hosted the Spring Pitch Party on April 12 at the Venture Development Center, bringing exciting ideas and ventures to the spotlight in a Hollywood-themed exhibition. The evening featured 15 innovative pitches from University of Delaware students of varying majors and experience levels, each with their own unique startup ideas to share with the packed audience.

The 2023 Spring Pitch Party was one to remember, with the persuasive teams and vocal audience contributing to a spirit of innovation and growth. Though each team was focused on delivering their best pitch and earning a piece of the prize pool, when others were presenting they were extremely supportive. The encouraging environment made this pitch party a great place for students to immerse themselves in the Horn Entrepreneurship community and practice their pitches. Not only that, every student that presented received a $20 gift card for their efforts!


Following a brief introduction from assistant professor of entrepreneurship Dan Lee giving a rundown on the rules of the event, we welcomed University of Delaware and pitch party alums Markos Zerefos and Amanda Monachelli as our judges and got started.

Hunter Wills pitching Third Skin.
Hunter Wills pitching Third Skin.
Ahmad Hazzaa pitching AllOne.
Ahmad Hazzaa pitching AllOne.
Drew Jordan pitching The Barrell Mobile Bar.
Drew Jordan pitching The Barrell Mobile Bar.
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2023 Spring Pitch Party Teams

  1.  Henspired Art by Connor Lehmann - Creating exposure for UD artists through a newsletter sharing their work.
  2.  AirEv by Yannick Nguenkam - A network of curbside residential chargers for EVs that can be rented out for a fee to the company and the owner of the charger/space.
  3.  The ELL Network by Xen K. Bossard - Creating a better world for English language learners by providing blog content on strategies for language instruction and news about opportunities and legislation.
  4. Next Song by Michael Muscella - An AI music algorithm that connects you to the music that you were meant to listen to by asking questions and analyzing what you listen to.
  5. Muffle by Joseph “Teddy” Davies - The first soundproof mask that would allow you to make private phone calls in public without eavesdropping.
  6. Imperian Digital by Theo Strukelj - A niche digital marketing agency that does lead generation for real estate agents by using highly targeted Google and Facebook advertisements.
  7. Fresh-Soles by Aidan Hicks and Leo McTaggart - Creating stylish, comfortable, and affordable sneakers made to be adjustable for children with ankle or leg braces.
  8. Third Skin by Hunter Wills - Making aftercare for new tattoos easier by making patch-like coverage that will keep them clean and provide UV protection.
  9. AllOne by Ahmad Hazzaa - Empowering businesses with innovative marketing solutions for affordable prices as a one-stop shop by utilizing automation processes.
  10. HelpMePlz by Leandro Flores - A subscription-based platform that creates personalized practice problems and exam prep for college students.
  11. Toilet UV by Annabella Gangi - A collapsable, portable wand that kills bacteria and cleans toilets using UV light and an automatic alcohol spray.
  12. Drink Snack Cup by Luke Rautzhan- A 2 in 1 drink and snack holder for adults.
  13. GABAN by- Giovanni Lopez - Sustainable and easily portable rain gear that will keep shoes and clothes dry.
  14. StayStudious by Kevin Foerster - A personalized, trackable time management and distraction prevention platform for college students to keep them on top of their assignments.
  15. The Barrel Mobile Bar by Drew Jordan - Operational mobile trailer bars with fully customizable menus that provide comprehensive services for events like weddings.

Winners and Superlatives

Winning teams and judges

1st Place - $300 - Drew Jordan and The Barrel Mobile Bar

2nd Place - $200 - Giovanni Lopez and Gaban

3rd Place - $100 - Luke Rautzhan and the Drink Snack Cup


Most Motivated-- Xen Bossard and The ELL Network

Most Interesting-- Ahmad Hazzaa and AllOne

Most Promising-- Drew Jordan and The Barrel Mobile Bar


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