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Socially Conscious Streetwear at VentureOn


Be[MAN]Kind, a socially conscious streetwear startup, is working to provide a form of expression through clothing in response to the current political climate. The apparel startup is one of several participating teams in University of Delaware Horn Entrepreneurship VentureOn and is spearheaded by Adam Polansky, a senior Entrepreneurship & Technology Innovation major, and Keith Obiero.

“Through Be[MAN]Kind we want to highlight the division in the world today and here in the United States,” began an excited Obiero. “There are issues like police brutality, healthcare and unequal opportunity to jobs and education that everyone loves to talk about and be passionate about but people are still looking for a way to express their views about the issues. Be[MAN]Kind wants to serve as that expression, the light that shines on these issues.”

The two co-founders bonded over the belief that social media has spurred most of the negative energy today and after Polansky pitched the idea in front of a class, Obiero quickly fell in love with the concept. The new friends have connected over their shared opinions on issues and have used their like minded ideas to get creative through streetwear. 

“The more and more I think about it, the more I love it,” said Obiero with a grin. Polansky continued “It was kind of crazy to connect so quickly with someone but as soon as Keith and I started talking about this it was an instant connection and I am so excited to work with him.”

The apparel startup’s strength lies in the branding and clarity of the idea. Polansky has spent a considerable amount of time preparing and refining the idea but it was only through some encouragement that he took the next step.

“We kind of buck the trend of problem-solution layout of the other teams in VentureOn but it was really down to Vince DiFelice, Manager of Venture Support, encouraging me to get involved and apply that made it happen. I really want to work with like minded creatives and the community here is so open and supportive. It is amazing to be a part of,” said Polansky. “The singular most important message behind the brand is to be kind to everyone, regardless of opinion, and Horn embodies that message. The stylization as Be[MAN]Kind plays into that, as it could be read as, ‘be kind’ or, ‘be kind to all mankind’.”


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