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Arima Skincare: Accessible and Natural Skincare For All

Embarking on the quest for a new natural skincare brand can indeed be a daunting task, as the array of options can be overwhelming. The challenge often lies in deciphering the lengthy list of ingredients on the back of  product labels, with some names sounding like a foreign language. Finding a natural skincare brand can often be challenging, but look no further. Arima Skincare, created by Arielle Mahugu, is a natural skincare brand that won second place in the Pitch Party last fall.  Arielle is a freshman medical diagnostics pre-med student who has a passion for skincare since discovering the harmful chemicals that many brands include in their products.

Arielle was inspired to create Arima Skincare after she saw the concerning amount of parabens, sulfates, fragrance, and other harmful ingredients in many skincare products.  Her goal has been to “create and provide safe, chemical free products for anyone and everyone to use”. She decided to actually move forward with creating her business when she realized that there was no ‘right time’ or ‘right age’ to start a business and if you have a vision and determination, Arielle says that “taking actions carries more impact than waiting for the ‘perfect’ moment”. So two years ago Arielle decided to take the steps to actually create her business that would commit to making an array of natural products that would help treat skin conditions and insecurities. Her commitment to Arima Skincare shows as she describes her business, “This is not just a skincare business, it is a reflection of my dedication and commitment to make natural skincare accessible to everyone.”

Her Skincare brand creates facial oils, moisturizers, body butters, and body scrubs that are all crafted from natural plant oils and butters. The vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients that are present in these products are gentle on the skin and provide many nourishing and environmentally friendly benefits. Furthermore, Arielle produces, packages, and sells all of her products herself. She says, “There is a personal touch in every step of the process. A tremendous amount of love and dedication goes into every aspect of my business”. Arima Skincare is also committed to accessible pricing and has steered clear of establishing excessively elevated prices.

Since Arima Skincare is a more developed business than some of the other Pitch Party winners we have heard from, this also means more challenges and pivots in creating a successful business. Arielle mentioned that some challenges she has faced when creating her business primarily included the initial creation of her products and making a product that she was proud to sell.  Deciding the application, scent,  consistency, and packaging was also a trial and error process that she had to endure to ultimately execute her final product.  Along with the challenges of creating a business, most business owners have to make pivots in their entrepreneurial journey.  Arielle originally sold her product mostly in person, which she enjoyed because she was able to teach customers the benefits of Arima Skincare, but since moving into college she has had to adapt her selling techniques. Her skincare is now mostly sold online, which she says is actually advantageous to her business, since now she can reach a larger audience.

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Although Arielle says that she has always found entrepreneurship enticing, she expresses that her original reason for wanting to be involved in Pitch Party and Horn’s Entrepreneurship Club, sparked from her passion for skincare and wanting to cater and help people of all skin types with their skincare needs.  Arielle’s involvement in Entrepreneurship Club has developed into being a part of what she considers a “dynamic learning community”. Now, she can engage with individuals who share similar interests and gain numerous valuable insights and guidance. Arielle says that Entrepreneurship Club “has helped me develop skills and strategies to apply to my business”.

Advice that she would give to other students that are interested in starting a business is to ‘just take the first step and start’. She says you can always make adjustments along the way, and it does not have to be the perfect business right from the start.  Arielle says that throughout the process of making the business you will learn new skills that can enhance your business and that you may even exceed your initial expectations as you learn more about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and run a startup. “It is important to not fear failure since it is just a route towards growth and knowledge," says Arielle.

In addition to her startup pursuits, Arielle has earned certification in business and entrepreneurship, showcasing her multifaceted interests. Actively participating in various clubs, she is a member of The Medical Association of Pre-medical Students, Making Doctors, Black Femme Future Physicians, and the Entrepreneurship Club. Arielle also dedicates time to volunteering and staying physically active through regular workouts. With her passion for skincare and medicine, her future career aspiration is to become a dermatologist, prompting her plan to attend medical school post-undergrad. Arielle describes herself as "driven," a term she attributes to her practice for setting ambitious goals and consistently putting in the effort needed to achieve them, mirroring her pursuit of becoming a dermatologist.

Her love for entrepreneurship mostly comes from her father who is also an entrepreneur.  Arielle says he has given her insight and inspiration through his own experiences and that his encouragement and support has played a very important role in her entrepreneurship journey.  She says that having a reliable support system has been crucial for her through every stage of creating Arima Skincare and that because of this support she plans to continue expanding her business, stating, “Looking into the long-term, I hope to expand the product line and sell our products in retail stores and to be a premier natural skincare brand.”

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