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Horn Entrepreneurship

A Worthy Break from Tradition

2022 Equity Thru Entrepreneurship (ETE) Wall Cling

Dear colleagues and friends,


Horn Entrepreneurship has a tradition of developing a new annual theme and rotating through t-shirt slogans and window clings. While we have previously gone back to a classic – “Making our own waves” – we have generally moved on from one year to the next. As you will undoubtedly notice next time you visit the VDC in person, the theme of achieving “Equity thru Entrepreneurship” (ETE) represents a notable and worthy exception.


A large scale reproduction of Stephanie Richardson’s original ETE artwork (from 2020), which features a maze of ladders, gears and platforms as well as a variety of brightly colored people climbing the ladders, working together, and moving toward the top – now adorns a feature wall in the co-lab and is intended to be permanent. Below the art is a single sentence that’s meant to reflect the ethos of Horn Entrepreneurship and our shared purpose of empowering world changers through entrepreneurship education: “Let’s live in a world we design”.


I hope that the installation of ETE artwork will serve as a continuous reminder to our team, the UD entrepreneurship community and all future visitors to the VDC that:

… everyone deserves equal opportunity.
… everyone can change their own circumstances if they work to develop their entrepreneurial mindset, skillset and means.
… everyone can utilize entrepreneurship as a tool to creatively destroy the status quo and replace it with new ideas for a better world.


Let’s endeavor to engage in sustained, purposeful and committed action to achieve social justice and equity. Let’s live in a world we design.


Thank you for your consideration.
Dan Freeman, Ph.D.
Founding Director
Horn Entrepreneurship
Topics: entrepreneurship, community, opportunities, equity