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39 Blue Hen-led Businesses Honored with 2022 Blue Hen 17&43 Awards

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Horn Entrepreneurship and the Lerner College of Business and Economics are pleased to announce the 2022 Blue Hen 17&43 award winners, an impressive group of Blue Hen-led enterprises. Utilizing a holistic approach to select the recipients, factoring in revenue, growth, innovation and social impact, the businesses span industries from SaS platforms, Consumer Packaged Goods, Financial Services, Bio-Medical Technology as well as others. 

Blue Hen-led businesses represent a powerful economic driver in Delaware and around the country. Two of this year’s Blue Hen 17&43 Award winners, SponsorUnited and Carvertise were also recognized by Inc. Magazine in the Inc. 5000. In addition, new technologies and delivery systems are also represented on this year’s list, specifically Strados Labs and TRiC Robotics. Strados Labs recently received FDA 510(k) clearance for its smart sensor platform for respiratory health, RESP®, for home use. TRiC Robotics has commercialized its chemical-free pest control device and is helping grow pesticide-free fruit in Delaware and California.

For the past five years. The Blue Hen 17&43 Awards have brought recognition and accolades for established and up-and-coming businesses. This year, the top five fastest growing businesses all had annual revenues exceeding $3,000,000 and growth rates above 50%.

The top five fastest growing Blue Hen led ventures are:

  1. PConline, LLC. led by Liyuan (Ryan) Chen, ’14 and Chen (Charles) Zhang, ‘21
  2. SponsorUnited led by Bob Lynch, ‘02
  3. Predictive Analytics led by Stephen Hoops, ‘98, David LaRoche, ’98, Dee Ridgeway, ‘98
  4. Grey Market Labs led by Kristopher Schroeder, ‘00
  5. Carvertise led by Mac MacLeod, ’13 and Greg Star, ‘13

Recognized for their growth and promise, the following companies were selected to be 2022 Blue Hen 17&43 Award Winners:

Alchemize Fightwear, led by Maya Nazareth, Founder/CEO, ‘20

Arrow Safety Device, led by Jake Murray, Vice President, ‘14

Avkin, led by Amy Cowperthwait, CEO, ’87 & Amy Buchka, CSO, ‘12

Backyard Gig, led by Suryanuj Gupta, Founder, ‘23

Bernie’s Book Bank led by Brian Floriani, Founder, ‘98

Billing Platform, led by Dennis Wall, CEO, ‘92

Bloom Daily Planners, led by Kaylyn DiNardo, Co-Founder, ’09 & Michelle Askin, Co-Founder, ‘10

Carvertise, led by Mac MacLeod, Founding Partner, ’13 & Greg Star, Founding Partner, ‘13

Cloud POS, Inc., led by Kyle Morgan, Cofounder, ’14 & Kathryn McMillan, Cofounder, ‘09

Compudata, Inc., led by Angela Nadeau, President & CEO, ‘82

Daily Crunch, led by Laurel Orley, CEO and Cofounder, ‘02

Diamond State Financial Group, led by Christopher Burgos, '99, Raymond Bree, '78, Ketul Mody, '06, and Josh Shaver, '07

Gallant Collective, led by Emily Tyree, Founder, ‘16

FunkkOFF!, Inc., led by Joelle Flynn, Founder & Co-CEO, ‘94

Goblin Technologies, led by Stephen Hoops, CEO, ’98, David Laroche, COO, ’98, Dee Ridgeway, CTO, ‘98

GoShare led by Shaun Savage, Founder & CEO, ‘06

Grey Market Labs, led by Kristopher Schroeder, CEO, ‘00

HxInnovations, Inc., led by Nicole Homer, Co-Founder, ‘05

Team JLCG, led by Jennifer Croneberger, Founder, ‘91

Lectrolyst, led by Greg Hutchings, President, ‘15

LINNE Industries, led by Sandra Burton, President & CEO, ’08 MBA

Mighty Ventures, Inc. led by Jayme Smaldone, CEO, ‘02

8 Myles, led by Myles Powell, CEO, ‘12

NewsWhip led by Brett Lofgren, President, ‘98

Nitro Biosciences, led by Neil Butler, Cofounder, ‘24 & Aditya Kunjapur, Cofounder

Patient Sortal, led by Kenny Eck, Founder & CEO, ’17 & ‘18

PCOnline, LLC led by Liyuan (Ryan) Chen, ’14, Chairman & Chen (Charles) Zhang, CEO, ‘21

Predictive Analytics led by Stephen Hoops, CEO, ’98, David LaRoche, COO, ’98, Dee Ridgeway, CTO, ‘98

Research and Project Management, LLC, led by Brittany Maday, Cofounder, '11, and Elizabeth Allen, Cofounder, '12

Resonate Forward led by Theresa Litherland, CEO, ’15 MBA

RiversEdge Advisors led by Jarrett Morris, Founder & COO, ‘05

SponsorUnited led by Bob Lynch, President & Founder, ‘02

Stemmer led by Sam Goetz, Founder, ‘21

Strados Labs led by Nicholas Delmonico, Founder & CEO, ‘12

Tech Solutions, Inc. led by Rick Monnig, President, ‘91

Tinkercast led by Meredith Halpern-Ranzer, CEO, ‘95

TrialBee led by Matt Walz, CEO, ‘98

TRiC Robotics led by Adam Stager, Founder & CEO, ’11 & ’19 PhD.

UpCycle Design led by Sierra RyanWallick, Founder & CEO, ‘24

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