by Elise Knable

CTE Teacher, Caesar Rodney High School


EdUcasts allow deeper conversation around the diverse content in the school to work toward the goal of equity in extended learning for all students. Through podcasts produced by students, the classroom walls are torn down for to strengthen understanding on their own time.


Project Resources:

  • Project Framework
  • Subject(s):
    • Sound production and editing: Audio production
    • Story development: English and Writing
    • Preproduction application: Media
    • Various content areas in education: All contents
  • Learning Outcomes:
    1. Students will be able to demonstrate pre-production steps in media development through subject communication, planning, interview question development, research and deadline work.
    2. Students will apply production techniques in media to perform the podcast interview by meeting with subject, recording interview and progressing interview through communication with subject.
    3. Students will approach post production editing for the podcast using their knowledge of production design and finalization to develop a cohesive piece.
    4. Students will grow their portfolio for post high school use through varied content development in the pathway including podcasts.
    5. Students will absorb diverse knowledge in their work with teachers throughout the school to develop extended learning podcasts.
    6. Students will provide their Rider community with stronger opportunities for teacher communication and development of content exploration.

Project website link

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