Biomimicry to the Rescue!

by Erin McNichol

Fine Arts Department Chair & Director of Innovation, Ursuline Academy


Create mini posters that show a drawn picture of the animal the student studies, include call outs on key features, characteristics and behaviors. Emphasize a WHAT IF statement and share out in poster session with class. Consider inviting some creative minds from the community to listen to the ideas!


Project Resources:

  • Project Framework
  • Subject(s):
    • Natural Design
      • deep observation and research of animal
    • Design thinking
      • divergent thinkin
      • convergent thinking
  • Learning Outcomes:
    • Students will be able to:
      1.  Identify and apply key characteristics and behaviors of animals/
        nature to address human needs
      2. Craft intriguing "What IF" statements
      3. Determine viability and feasibility



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