LeadX is the newest program from the team at Horn focused on individual leadership for high school students. 


Leadership is a powerful tool. However, you can’t lead others until you begin the lifetime, systematic and habitual process of leading yourself. This 1 credit dual enrollment course focuses on early stage development of the mindset, habits, character ethic and capabilities needed to continuously improve your life and the lives of those you care most about. Great questions, thought and reflection are emphasized with a focus on three foundational assertions; (1) You have the power and responsibility to lead and develop yourself, others, and your community. (2) You do so by reflection, and by exploring and engaging the world. (3) And, you do so effectively by identifying and developing your CORE, strengths, values, and skills.

Learning Objectives

Identify and develop personal characteristics and capacities that enhance leadership and amplify your sense of individual accountability, responsibility, freedom and self determination.

Understand introductory Leadership Theory and our course Definition of Leadership: a process of influencing others toward a common vision

Be Practicing (Always):
Recognize accomplishment as a long term, lifetime pursuit of practice while demonstrating explorative and reflective activities as tools for your
continuous development.

Course Modules

  • Module 1 - Getting Started: An Introduction to Your Leadership Journey
  • Module 2 - Getting Focused: Your Leadership Vision
  • Module 3 - Getting Good: CORE Strengths and Power
  • Module 4 - Getting Followers: Influence & Equity
  • Module 5 - Getting Better: Habits & Practice
  • Module 6 - Getting Results: Your ‘Future You’ Vision


  • Online Platform: a custom college level introductory course p rovided through our online platform for your trained educator to facilitate
  • Curriculum Licensing: rights of use for our full LeadX program, all course materials and acces s
  • Professional Development (PD) Teacher Training: Predominantly asynchronous PD course also via our online platform for each educator
  • Customization: PD training with one additional hour-long customization session to adapt your LeadX experience and course for your specific students, schools, programs, initiatives, and goals. Work Directly with UD Faculty to design your course application

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