A framework for introducing experiential learning to your classroom

The team at Horn Entrepreneurship devised this framework to provide educators a resource to bring all of their ideas for a high-impact and meaningful experiential lesson or project into their classroom. The framework includes nine sections for educators to fill out and "frame" their project and assist with planning:

  1. Project Title
  2. Materials Needed
  3. Subject(s) of Project
  4. Individual Learning Outcomes
  5. Short Project Description: a "bite-sized" description to easily share with others.
  6. Long Project Description: a place to outline step-by-step action and tasks of the project.
  7. SMART Goal of Project: useful especially when asking for outside support of the project!
  8. Other community expertise needed: what guests might you invite to make the experience more enriching?
  9. Problem you're solving: is there a specific learning objective or classroom culture you seeking to change or enhance? Outline that here.
    IDEAs Project Framework_front

The second page of the framework provides potential outcomes and impacts of including the project in your curriculum. We also provide key definitions associated with innovation and entrepreneurship. 

IDEAs Project Framework_back