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Transform Your Classroom and Prepare Your Students to Thrive 

Horn Entrepreneurship's EntreX Lab program prepares students to thrive in our rapidly changing world. EntreX Lab provides educators with training, curriculum and ongoing support to convert their classrooms into real-world entrepreneurship labs and offer their students the lowest possible college credit tuition costs. 

Program Highlights

  • Students provided the opportunity to earn three (3) transferable credits at the University of Delaware
  • Curriculum is co-hosted online and includes initial professional development and ongoing support for educators
  • Teachers control the cadence and deliverables of the course, and articulate student performance to the University of Delaware
  • Students showcase college and career readiness
  • Schools establish themselves as innovative education leaders
  • Program is open to high schools nationwide
  • Scholarships are available for qualifying students in Delaware

Launch Grants

Delaware high schools are eligible for first-year launch grants. A limited number of grants are available each year to cover the cost of:

  • Teacher training and certification
  • Student curriculum
  • Tuition subsidies
  • Diamond Challenge participation. 

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