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EntreX Lab: Preparing students to thrive in a changing world.

 Horn Entrepreneurship's EntreX Lab dual enrollment program equips students to thrive amidst rapid change by cultivating agile thinking and developing their creative problem solving skillsets. 

Why do students want to particpate in entrex?

  • Built-in experiential learning opportunities including design sprints and a new venture competition
  • Opportunity to earn three (3) transferable credits at the University of Delaware
  • Showcase college and career readiness with university-level coursework and direct experience in innovation and value creation

why do educators love to teach entrex?

  • Flexible curriculum and the autonomy to control the cadence and deliverables to best meet their students' needs 
  • Comprehensive professional development with ongoing support from tenured faculty and staff
  • Connections with innovative teachers across the country to share ideas and continue developing their craft

is EntreX a good fit for my school? 

EntreX is a nationwide program with over 500 students participating in 22-23 school year.  The program was established with flexibility in mind and is lead by a team with k-12 education and administration experience. Our school partners are diverse in their location, student population, instructional style, and school type but all believe in the potential of their students 

Every school, just like every student, is unique. Schedule a call with the EntreX team to discuss how the program might fit into your course offerings.

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interested in learning more? 

If you are interested in exploring more before a discussion or have specific questions about the program, please complete the form below and a team members will follow up via email.

Also if you're interested in our newest offering focused on individual leadership, click here! LeadX can be done as a compliment to the EntreX program or support other course offerings in your school.