Final Round Teams

Below please find a list of teams that have been selected as finalists and will receive an invitation to Summit, which will be taking place April 25-27, at the University of Delaware.  


Business Innovation One-Sentence Concept Description
Aeromile Logistics Integration of trucks and drones to improve last-mile delivery - Making last mile the best mile!
BoostVocab BoostVocab is an innovative platform designed to help users enhance their vocabulary.
Boxmate Boxmate sells ads on takeout boxes, making them completely free for restaurants.
ChatPals English school connecting North American high schoolers with global peers for language and cultural exchange.
CheckRx Plan Comparison for Medicare beneficiaries and those who serve them
Cooling Humans Low-power, affordable direct touch cooling solution to reduce energy usage and combat energy inequity
DUAHTOR DUAHTOR revolutionizes education in Africa with personalized AI tutoring, bite-sized learning, and immersive experiences.
ECHO Changing the game for coaches with a new innovative AI. 
ElectRoads Using the roads and transportation means as a source of alternative energy.
Ethique Our concept revolves around sustainable fashion: Reducing the carbon footprint of fashion production as we believe fashion shouldn't be a cost to the environment. We would like to integrate food wastes to dye the clothing and textile wastes to form new clothing: to promote an entirely circular production.
Exolimb ExoLimb, an easily-used and comfortable intelligent climbing-assistance and wearable device that helps older people climb mountains and stairs more conveniently
FarmAble Turning concrete walls into sustainable gardens
FlexShelf In a world of increasingly expensive and delayed shipping due to inefficient intermodal shipping container space usage, FlexShelf is an inexpensive, feasible, and easily implementable innovation that drastically improves intermodal shipping container space usage by 13% on average to yield substantially higher revenue, less shipping trips, less delays, and less greenhouse gas emissions.
Food Future Safeguard An inexpensive refrigerator or its add-on that eliminates germ growth in leftover and foods to the maximum extent
Heather A high-rise undergarment with built-in and discreet heating pads that ease menstrual cramps.
KEEPsulin A portable thermoregulated wrap for insulin preservation
MediSync MediSync harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize how healthcare providers manage their inventory.
Mind Verse We are a company that seeks to integrate artificial intelligence into the educational system with the intention of re-engineering in different areas.
NameSense A wearable device that can alert users when and where their name is called.
NurtureGlow To help new mothers relieve the struggles of postnatal depression through convenient and accessible devices.
OraShield A powder spray that kills oral bacteria and treats gum disease effectively.
OvaVision An innovative, modular incubation system that windows and sexes eggs to prevent production inefficiencies
PEANUTSCAN A portable machine that dispel your doubts on the presence of peanuts in food
PlanetaryHealth Using blockchain to prevent data breaches of sensitive electronic health records.
ProtectShin ProtectShin dramatically reduces martial arts injuries by utilizing crumple zones and shock-absorbent materials over the most fragile part of the shin to manufacture a superior product.
QuantumCool We provide convenience, comfort, a companion for work at home in the form of a fridge.
Refil Refil is a low-cost and sustainable technology to efficiently recycle waste 3D printing filaments.
RespiroLink Affordable early diagnosis of Chronic Respiratory Diseases -– proactive respiratory health management and well-being
RichCoverage A less messy, cheaper, and easier to use hair coverage system.
SkyGlass SkyGlass provides advanced AR smart glasses powered by machine learning software for real-time identification of safety concerns during aircraft preflight inspections.
Smart Skin A dermatology portal that allows users to scan their skin and connect with dermatologists.
ThermoView ThermoView integrates thermochromic, solar cell, and electrochromic tech for energy-efficient, climate-responsive smart windows in homes.
TitianX Our concept is a recognition and attribution software to help protect artists' intellectual property rights.
ToneSense ToneSense is an AI-powered app that provides personalized color palettes by analyzing users’ skin tones.
UniStep Device-centered hands-free wearable assistive guiding tool for the visually impaired to completely automate outdoor navigation.
Vocalize An Assistive Verbal Chatbot increasing accessibility for visually impaired and functionally illiterate.


Social Innovation One-Sentence Concept Description
AponWay Rubber tiles and other products made from recycled tires.
Aquaclean A facility that purifies contaminated water and distributes purified water to those in need.
Autima Autima is an AI-Powered platform for early Autism diagnosis, enabling swift support and developmental assistance.
BioCopi BioCopi is a chitin-based bioplastic solution to invasive Copi and plastic pollution.
CarbonSafe Cost-effective carbon capture modules for businesses, efficiently combating climate change.
DeCarb DeCarb provides greener, cheaper catalytic converters to car and automobile parts companies, reducing CO2 emissions.
DeerDash A novel computer-vision and ultrasonic technology to mitigate deer-vehicle collisions.
DoulAI DoulAI leverages AI to provide a chatbot, task and calendar, and OB-GYN certified blogs.
Dristhi An assistive mobility device equipped with AI&ML, for the blind.
EcoCatch EcoCatch will revolutionize the fishing industry with its biodegradable net made of white jute plant
EcoDairyTech We can help dairy companies reduce pollution and minimize carbon footprint in production and distribution.
Exotech Exo is a brain-controlled exoskeleton that revolutionizes post-stroke hand rehabilitation.
Guardian Guardian merges fashion and safety, featuring an emergency response system and AngelNoise emitted for women's self-defense.
InSpec InSpec revolutionizes water safety with cutting-edge spectrometry technology that accurately analyzes contaminants in water.
MemorySight Helping connect and and support mid-stage dementia patients with glasses that give auditory reminders
MOODUP The First Continuous Adaptive Teenage Mood regulation and Mental Health Intervention Strategy.
M-Shield ION LOFT M-Shield ION Loft is an air filtering paint made from up-cycled mussel shell waste
My Island An app used to disrupt bullying.
Needle Doodle A not for profit business initiative aimed at the empowerment of underprivileged women through crochet.
Noxy fitness Our idea includes the arrangement of a sports fitness space for women.
OutsideConnection OutsideConnection is a job site for individuals returning from prison.
PathCompass Online-platform that centralizes major and career navigation for students through interviews and resource compilation.
Project YouthFinLit Project YouthFinLit aims to provide youth across the nation with a quality financial education, regardless of nationality or socioeconomic status.
Realify AI-driven reading app that promotes reading comprehension through gamification and multimedia enhancements.
Recycle Lab The project comes to us after an educational and environmental approach. Plastic waste is one of the main causes of environmental degradation. Therefore......remember to use these wastes wisely. how ? We use plastic waste to manufacture equipment intended mainly for laboratories, particularly biology and medicine. It should be noted that this project mainly aims to solve two major problems: plastic waste and improving education, particularly in Haiti.
Saathi Saathi is a socially conscious menstrual hygiene business venture that is committed to fighting period  poverty across the world through sustainable, reusable period panties.
SafetyMat SafetyMat detects falls, reduces injury, and alerts caretakers when falls are detected.
Scrap to Plate Turning Leftovers into Lifelines.
Seis Safe We aim to revolutionize disaster relief with advanced, user-friendly tents that provide crucial support for earthquake survivors globally.
SingSync A free music therapy app that employs singing to help people with speech disorders.
StyroStick Craft glue created through solvent-based recycling of Styrofoam waste.
Sweet Success A baking subscription box integrated with an engaging and educational mobile game to help children cultivate financial literacy skills.
The Better Kitchen Sink A grey water filter for developing countries that is low-cost, utilizing locally sourced sustainable materials.
UnVeilX AI-Agent for landmine detection using flyby drone videos.
Vigilance Safety Voluntarily Integrated RFID based tag-scanner system to prevent firearm entry to school
VOTA Panama VOTA Panama is a mobile phone application that continuously updates Panamanians about Panamanian elections and politics.



Congratulations to all our teams! 🌎💎