Professional Development & Skills Workshops

This professional development series addresses disadvantages experienced by innovative women, startup founders and corporate innovators.


  • 1 p.m. Welcome
  • 1:05 p.m. Featured Speaker
  • 1:20 p.m. Facilitated Discussion, Q&A, Sharing
  • 1:50 p.m. Instruction & Training
  • 2:20 p.m. Practice & Peer Coaching
  • 3:15 p.m. Synthesis
  • 3:45 p.m. Closing Remarks
Cost: $249 per session
group rates for 4 or more attendees are available for $199/person
February 11, 2021
Presented by Gail Ball
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Women tend to be asked prevention questions when presenting new ideas, resulting in risk averse decision making by prospective supporters. Recognizing prevention questions and providing promotion answers is a proven pathway to gaining increased support.
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 Meet Gail Ball

Gail Ball, WE Hatch program lead and long time banker and VC, will lead participants through the research on questions asked of women founders/intrapreneurs and how they differ in nature from those asked of men...and how without the right strategies to handle the Q&A with funder/decision makers, those differences are a problem for women. 

With the new skills and tools shared and practiced in this session, women founders/intrapreneurs will get the funding, the people and the time to create and capture the value of their ideas. 

March 4, 2021
presented by Mike Sherman and Alex Sherman
Markets move fast. Innovative and intrapreneurial women need to move faster by utilizing disciplined methods to listen to the voice of the customer and quickly determine whether an idea is worth pursuing.  
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Mike has over 35 years of marketing, market research and CRM/Big data experience.  He helps clients address marketing opportunities through understanding end users needs, turning them into insight/data specifications and converting the output into clear, actionable results.

Mike recently published his first (and last!) book, “52 Things We Wish Someone Had Told Us About Customer Analytics”, co-authored with his son Alex.  The book captures real life lessons learned over their careers, with a focus on practical applications of analytics that connect methodologies and processes to impactful outcomes.

Mike began his career at Procter & Gamble, where he managed both new and established brands.  Mike spent 17 years with McKinsey & Company; while there he created their Asia-Pacific marketing practice and was a founder of their global CRM practice.  Mike was also Global Head of Knowledge Management for Synovate , where he lead efforts to improve the value clients obtain from research.  At SingTel and Hong Kong Telecom he set up their big data teams and drove the use of both customer data and customer research to help the business understand customer and customer data opportunities.

Mike has been based in Asia since 1997 and has supported work in almost every country in the Asia-Pacific region. Mike has extensive experience in the telecom, retail, financial services, consumer electronics and FMCG industries.

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Alex Sherman is a machine learning practitioner, educator, and author who is passionate about applying analytical tools and techniques in the realm of customer analytics to drive personalized product experiences. 

Alex works as a data science manager at Capital One on a machine learning delivery team. Previously, he spent seven years leading natural language processing projects for life science clients while working for Deloitte Consulting.

Based in Washington D.C., Alex is passionate about teaching the practical application of machine learning and customer analytics. He has taught in-person and online data science bootcamps for General Assembly to over 200 students. Alex also shared his analytics experience in a book he co-authored, “52 Things We Wish Someone Had Told Us About Customer Analytics."

April 1, 2021
Presented by Maureen Rinkunas
It's easy to cast doubt on the potential of a new idea when it's still on the drawing board. To quiet detractors and build confidence, women should focus on gaining market traction - that is, quantitative evidence of market demand - which provides the ultimate proof that an idea has merit.
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Meet Maureen Rinkunas

Moe is a relationship builder who bridges the gap between corporates and the entrepreneurial ecosystem to establish collaborations that accelerate growth and innovation. As the SVP, Corporate Innovation & Business Design at Coplex, she guides teams of talented entrepreneurs, developers, and designers to build early stage ventures in partnership with corporate partners. Previously, she helped relaunch DuPont Ventures, built acceleration and investing platforms at Dreamit Ventures, and laid the groundwork for a new commercialization process at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Moe has worked with hundreds of teams to bring ideas to market and enjoys guiding entrepreneurs through the chaos inherent in new markets and undefined opportunities for new technologies.

Presented by Ed Cook and Roxanne Brown
May 6, 2021
Sustaining success requires continuous transformation. Great teams and great cultures embrace change, promote experimentation and empower women to pursue the creation, delivery and capture of value from new ideas.
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Meet Roxanne Brown

Roxanne has over 25 years of change experience with Capital One and other companies, focused on leader and team transformation coaching, large-scale change initiatives, culture strategy, communications and training.

Roxanne has established a Change Leadership Community of Practice, helped implement the first change management practices, and set the program change management methodology and toolset for organizations. She teaches change management courses, leads discussion groups on the subject, and mentors practitioners. Her specialty is in creating high-performing teams by engaging the unique abilities of leaders and team members. As a result, Roxanne moves the organization beyond just implementation and into culture strengthening.

Today, Roxanne is the cofounder of The Change Decision LLC, a change and culture consultancy focused on growing Joy at Work. Roxanne received her bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts, with a focus in Leadership Studies, from the University of Richmond. She brings her unique combination
of leadership insight and coaching abilities to guide leaders through not only completing the change by improving their organization’s culture. She is also the past President of the Board of Directors for the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP).


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Ed has over 20 years of leadership and analytical experience at Capital One and Corning as well as
10 years of experience as a navy pilot.
Ed was mobilized by the US Navy and sent to Baghdad, Iraq where, as CDR Ed Cook, he worked in the Green Zone on the Commanding General’s Staff, at the time Gen. David Petraeus. Ed worked extensively on employment initiatives for the people of Iraq bridging across the US military, the US Embassy, and the Government of Iraq. For his efforts, Ed was awarded the Bronze Star. Ed has implemented large process and infrastructure changes. The culminating effort was in leading the program where Capital One built coffee houses (Capital One Cafés) across the country instead of traditional branches.

Today, Ed is the cofounder of The Change Decision LLC, a change and culture consultancy focused on growing Joy at Work. Ed has a BS in Aerospace Engineering, an MBA, and holds a PhD in Systems Modeling and Analysis. He brings his expertise in Decision Analytics to the work of The Change Decision. Ed also employs his analytics expertise as a Visiting Professor at the University of Richmond in both the undergraduate and MBA programs. 

June 10, 2021
Presented by Jenn Halweil
Sustaining Innovation and intrapreneurship are highly competitive team sports. To fully unlock their potential as value creators and lead their teams to victory, women need to effectively socialize their ideas, tell their stories and ask for what they need.
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Meet Jenn Halweil

A former electrical engineer, Jenn is the founder and Chief Story Engineer of #GoBeyond, an educational media company focused on sci-tech literacy and more diverse and inclusive story content. When she's not documenting VR for the USGA, digital transformation for EXL, or machine learning algorithms for Ferrari, she is focused on championing diversity and inclusion in STEM through a number of initiatives, including documenting Chloe Capital's #InvestInWomen tour to deploy over $1.5M in capital to female led tech startups across the country and this Forbes piece on the developer of the Brooklyn Bridge: Emily Warren Roebling. Most recently, she directed and executive produced, Financially Naked, which broke 1M+ views online. Financially Naked focuses on financial literacy, following the journeys of six individuals as they work with their trainers to overcome student loan, medical, and credit debt. Our premise is simple: talking about money shouldn't be taboo. We go beyond entrepreneurship, the wage gap, poverty traps, skyrocketing marriage and student loan costs, impulse shopping, and living with the realities of a chronic illness to explore how everyone, regardless of their individual financial backgrounds, can take steps towards a healthier financial future.