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Alchemize Fightwear

Maya Nazareth, BE20

Women’s MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gear and apparel. A portion of each sale is donated to women’s trauma recovery initiatives.

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Backyard Gig

Suryanuj Gupta, EG23; Shahroze Ali, EO22

Backyard Gig is a two-sided marketplace where residents can post various gigs like building furniture or doing yard work that students can complete for an agreed-upon wage. Small businesses can also post tasks such as needing someone to design a website or logo for them as well. 



Blue Tusk LLC

John-Carlos Saponara, BE21

Blue Tusk aims to create confidence in the technological systems of a company, allowing decision-makers to focus completely on serving the customer. Our dedicated strategic consultancy services will help you take the steps necessary to get to the modern version of an idealized, data-driven, factory environment. 




Casey Rock, EG20; Jason Reynolds, EG19; Dylan Martin, EG20   

CyberSecLabs provides a platform for teaching cybersecurity in a web-based, interactive, virtual environment. With our platform, educators can meet students where they are with hands-on cybersecurity education and training.


Get Potluck

Abu Kamara,AS20; Hope Vega,HS21; Isabel Yu, BE23

GetPotluck is an on-demand ethnic grocery delivery service that partners with ethnic grocery stores to deliver culture through food.



Mason Faust, BE22; Markos Zerefos, BE22; Henry du Pont, BE23

Nuvensus is a data-driven real estate investment firm using proprietary data interpretation to outperform traditional real estate investment benchmarks.


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Andrew Cercena, BE21; Nick Smith, BE21

We save registered investment advisers time by automating the client on-boarding and data entry processes.

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Dear Volunteer

Isabella Duarte, AS24

Dear Volunteer is an all-encompassing service that provides volunteering that compliments one’s schedule, doesn’t rearrange it; by catering to the needs of the volunteer and the charity to provide the utmost convenience for both. Capacity and safety are main concerns for all especially in the current COVID world, therefore the numerous features that provide great solace to volunteers and charities will cause Dear Volunteer to be at the forefront of how volunteering is and will be in the current and post COVID world.



April Singleton, BE21; Isabelle (Izzy) Hughes, AS21

For school administrators who want to engage their students in social justice work (but don't have the time, energy, or expertise to do so), EQuip’s design sprints, guidebooks, and social justice incubator are supplemental opportunities for high schools and universities to support their students' social initiatives, relieve pressure from the community, and innovate justice from the ground up.




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Above: April   Below: Izzy

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Mosaic Classroom

Sophia Angeletakis, HS22

Mosaic Classroom is an online classroom conferencing program that integrates peer interactions back to virtual learning. This program will allow for students to have a more personal learning experience even when there are physical barriers.





OnoBowls Food Truck

Benjamin Quinutolo, AG23

OnoBowls Food Truck is an açai bowl and smoothie startup that prides itself on spreading health throughout New Jersey to people who would not normally have access to health products.


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Pickup Sports

Micheal Meola, BE23

Pick-Up Sports is a youth sports program that’s focused on changing the way kids interact with sports and develop as athletes. We encourage kids to try as many sports as possible by introducing them to 6 sports over
the course of 3 seasons rather than letting them fall into the damaging trap of specializing in one
sport, which is becoming more and more popular.





Samuel Goetz, EG22; Julian Wahl, BE23

Stemmer is a file sharing website for audio engineers that automatically organizes and error checks music files.



UP Cycle Design

Sierra RyanWallick, BE22; Michelle Yatvitskiy, AS21

UP Cycle Design is a sustainable fashion brand that creates cause-themed patches from upcycled material (preventing fabric and clothes from ending up in landfills), while raising awareness and money for social, environmental, and community issues.