newspaper.jpg Check-In Forms

  • Form 1: Due by March 20, 2019
  • Form 2: Due by April 5, 2019


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newspaper.jpg Discussion Topics Guide

  • Here are some recommended talking point resources when meeting with your mentees. 
  • Mentoring discussion topics website
    • This site nicely outlines the flow of a potential mentor-mentee conversation
    • DISCLAIMER:  Please remember that these are high school students, and the goal is to encourage them and allow them to develop through this learning opportunity.


notepad-1.jpg Judging Information (NOT to be shared with students)

edit.jpg Online Resources


notepad-1.jpg Submission Samples

  • See examples of winning submissions from the business innovation and social innovation tracks. 
    • Business Innovation First Place Winner Examples: H2ydratiOn 
    • Social Innovation First Place Winner Examples: Aab-e-Hayaat 


note.jpg The SummitApril 13-15, 2019


edit.jpg Timeline

  1. 64 semifinalist teams will be selected between February 2 - March 15
  2. Mentor matching will be initiated by the Diamond Challenge Team. We will initiate an email introduction between the mentor and mentees. 
  3. Submit check-in form 1 by March 20, 2019
  4. Host 2 video calls per paired team, and submit check-in form 2 by April 5, 2019


newspaper.jpg Video Conference Platform

  • Need to set up a time to video chat with your paired team(s) using our online meeting service? Contact and we can create a meeting for you and send over calendar details.