*Teams are listed in alphabetical order by concept name. Semifinalists will be selected from February 3 - March 8 and updated accordingly.


Business Innovation Teams

Astrofilter, USA (North Carolina)

Jennifer Ye, Rindha Sudhini, Shravya Sompalli, Sriya Mantena and Timothy Anglin (Advisor)

Astrofilter is a self-cleaning filter designed to remove debris from spacecraft ventilation systems, increasing the efficacy of CO₂ removal units.




Arda Akbulak, Ceki Franko (Advisor), Eda Balcioglu, Selin Sayiner and Yaman Ildem

We provide sensors and an app to customers to allow them to track their bills instantaneously and increase environmental sustainability.


Biodegradable bubble tea straws, USA (Minnesota)

Aunika Zheng, Martha Rush (Advisor), Michael Gennaro, Sanjana Pattanaik and Savannah Guiang

Our company provides biodegradable bubble tea straws that preserve the function, quality and convenience of a regular plastic straw.


BlueAngel, USA (California)

Amanda Liu, Angela Liu and Xiaoqing He (Advisor)

BlueAngel is a respiration monitor and analysis device for obstructive sleep apnea screening.


Buzz Brella, USA (Virginia)

Cassidy Collins, Christen Mamenko (Advisor) and Claire Hollingsworth

The Buzz Brella is a beach umbrella with built in Bluetooth speakers.


Cocovera filter, Vietnam

Chaewon Lee, Michael Williams (Advisor), Sungkyu Jin and Vinh Nguyen

Cocovera filter is a cost-effective and biodegradable air filter made of coconut and aloe vera gel to capture particulate matter.


Cognality, USA (California, Virginia) and Puerto Rico

Ben Jen (Advisor), Espen Garner, Gianna Valencia and Ian Kim 

Cognality provides cutting edge rehabilitative technology to autistic children by using virtual reality calming scenes to prevent sensory overload meltdowns.


Collabo, Hong Kong

Eunice Meng, Jolyn Yin, Owen Zhao and Sibyl Hu (Advisor)

Revolutionary freelancing platform for new media creators to connect, collaborate and capitalize.


Ditch Dat!, USA (Hawaii)

Annamaria Miru (Advisor), Summer Royal and Thomas Noochan

Our novel, patent-pending pediculicide (headlice treatment) invention kills headlice and headlice eggs in a safe, effective, affordable and eco-friendly manner.


Driver Vision, USA (Washington)

Mandakini Bhatia (Advisor), Sayan Bhatia and Sohil Bhatia 

Driver Vision is a device accompanied with a mobile app that directly provides a solution to hazardous driving.


Eat and Meet, USA (New Jersey, New York)

Ian Lee, Owen Williams, Patrick Weir, Richard Saunders (Advisor) and Trevor Oberlander

An app for people who want to meet new people and eat new foods.


e-Canne, Haiti

Beverly Bourgouin, Nayelie Caëlle Lemonier, Serge-Richard Petit-Frère (Advisor), Shamma Petit-Homme and Vanessa Jennifer Constant

e-Canne is armed with a GPS, a personal assistance and a motion detector to allow the blind to brave street dangers.


Envilytics, Lebanon and Libya

Alex Abchee, Chafic Clement Akhras and Jad Al-Fakhani (Advisor)

An AI powered software that indicates student's social problems for schools to take action.


Fision Lens, USA (Illinois)

Emily Shao, Eva Tuecke, Karla Horsch (Advisor) and Krisha Patel 

Fision is a thin, film-like plastic that adheres directly onto the surface of existing glasses lenses to make prescription updates.


Flash Spray, USA (California)

Eyal Gavshon, Jared Maister, Jeffrey Reinharz and Jonathan Cassie (Advisor)

Flash Spray is a pepper spray device that takes a picture of the suspect and sends it to the police.


Gradder, Ukraine

Andrii Chemerysov, Olha Suslo (Advisor) and Volodymyr Budkevych

Gradder enables students and their parents to spot downward trends in school grades while saving time for form tutors.


Hush Audio Technologies, Canada

Hamad Sultan, Keenan Gugeler, Pardeep Dwivedi (Advisor), Tyseer Toufiq and Yuvraj Dwivedi

Hush is a trailblazing module capable of inexpensively adding the luxury of active noise cancellation to any headset.


H20 saving, Spain

Héctor Gonzalez (Advisor), Marta Domínguez and Sira Fernandez

H2O saving is the company that cares for water, for the environment and for our future. 


InteliTrack, USA (Delaware)

Alicia Cai, David Yan, Vincent Cai and Yushan Yan (Advisor)

InteliTrack integrates facial recognition and GPS to simultaneously track students and school buses to create a safer student transportation system.


Social Innovation Teams

Aller-Free, USA (Massachusetts)

Gracia Xu, Hannah Zhu, Jing Zhang (Advisor) and Jonathan Lei 

An app that reduces anxiety, increases safety, and saves time by analyzing food labels to prevent fatal allergic reactions.


Argus, USA (California)

Aayush Bandopadhyay, Ankit Lakkapragada, Arjun Gupta, Arpit Garg (Advisor) and Naman Singhal 

Argus: A novel deep learning neural network placed in school security cameras to detect guns, alerting authorities and the community.


Biosensor, USA (California, Massachusetts)

Lily Lee, Mariez Luka and Younhee Kang (Advisor)

Biosensor monitors the levels of ethylene produced by fruits / vegetables in order to prevent food spoilage and reduce food waste.


Botana, USA (California, Massachusetts)

Janani Elumalai, Janet Keating (Advisor) and Saloni Patel

Botana is a 100% biodegradable water bottle composed of banana stem, a current waste product, designed to replace plastic bottles.


Bus Management System, Zimbabwe

Hailey Masundire, Lisa Tatenda Balance Sibanda, Qeen Asoegwu, Spencer Manhanga (Advisor) and Tanya Thandolwami Aisha Moyo

A bus management system that is application and text driven.


Canada Foam, Canada

Arthur Chen, Cindy Wang, Jaime Pannone (Advisor), Phoebe Yu and Ryan Cho

An economical alternative to thermal coats for the underprivileged community.



Anmol Rathi, Harsh Agrawal and Sushil Kumar Pandey (Advisor)

CANCER-EX - A Non-Invasive and Inexpensive Strip Based Test That Detect Pancreatic Cancer In Early Stages Through Saliva Aided with Web-Application. 


DOC Tracker, USA (Arizona)

Kasyap Chakravadhanula, Madhavi Chakravadhanula (Advisor) and Ritvik Warrier

DOC Tracker is a more convenient, mobile, inexpensive, and safe device for improved monitoring of diabetes and its ocular complications.


Ecofinity, USA (California, New Jersey)

Ashley Liu, Aurora Yuan, Emeline Myung and Kelly Lee (Advisor)

Ecofinity cultivates greener, healthier school communities by offering student-developed curriculum to encourage environmentally-mindful practices and awareness for a greener future.


ExoHeal, India and Saudi Arabia

Asfia Zubair (Advisor), Faria Zubair and Zain Samdani

An affordable post-stroke robotic device accompanied by a doctor-patient communication app to help paralyzed patients recover 30% faster.


EZ Water, Pakistan

Adan Tanveer, Hasham Tanveer, Parsa Sohail, Sheeza Tanveer and Usama Tanveer (Advisor)

EZ Water is determined to defy the challenge of affordability and accessibility to provide clean drinking water to masses globally.


FoodShare, USA (Massachusetts)

Aryaman Choudhary, Iltikin Wayet, Khush Patel, Samuel Feng and Yan Feng (Advisor)

FoodShare is a platform connecting wasted food from food businesses to recipient organizations through a distinctive ride-share system and incentives program.


Gnome, USA (California)

Anthony Raffetto (Advisor), Rahul Ganesh, Shaunak Kale, Shivaansh Kapoor and Smrithi Suresh

Gnome harnesses the power of a mesh network to create the world’s first scalable and sustainable early wildfire detection system.


Incendium, USA (Delaware)

Anna Berkner (Advisor), Arjan Kahlon, Katherine Berkner and Sam Singh

Incendium is an app that consolidates various information into a single, convenient, and easy to use source for first responders.


inGeniusLearn, USA (Virginia)

Andrew Tran, Feng Yu (Advisor) and Rayan Yu

inGeniusLearn is a comprehensive software application that hyper-personalizes education with real-time confusion detection and immediate student feedback.


MetaCROSS, Moldova

Constantin Negura, Ion Gatman and Natalia Efros (Advisor)

A complex network that improves traffic safety and pedestrian movement. A modern and cheap solution that doesn’t have alternatives.


NeoSigno, USA (Ohio)

Raaghav Malik, Santosh Joshi (Advisor) and Soham Joshi

S.E.N.S.E ~ Specialized Easy-To-Use Novel Sign Language Expert.







Jaja's Tea, USA (Delaware)

Meghana Yarlagadda, Nonthawan Nirotkonsuk and Taquil Foster Lewis (Advisor)

“Jaja’s Tea” offers quality tea for sale while supporting ovarian cancer by having a portion of proceeds go towards families.


Jottle, USA (Maryland)

Ali Rohrs, Amanda Vu, Heather Barnstead (Advisor), Teagan Schumann and Yasmeen Hembree

Jottle is a website-based platform that aids students in taking easy, interactive, and memorable notes.


Locare, USA (California)

Aayushi Jain, Dolly Jain (Advisor) and Pranav Kirti 

Locare is a smart band tailored to special needs children with a complementary mobile application.


Mosquito Trapping + Emergency Bulbs, Ghana

Agyeiwaa Afia Nyamekye, Grace Thelma Awortwe, Ishmael Yussif (Advisor) and Shinelle Dampare

The Mosquito Trapping+Emergency LED Bulbs have specialized resistors that attracts and trap mosquitoes and 9V battery for power outage use.


OpenTab, Kenya, Mauritius, Morocco and South Africa 

David Tait (Advisor), Emmanuel Mutuku, Mpho Montsho, Skylar Redecke and Thaksheel Alleck

OpenTab alleviates the difficulties with club operations by increasing the customers’ experience using RFID technology.


Penrose, China

Jun Yang Wang, Lan Sheng and Weilin Zhai (Advisor)

Penrose is an online book store that trades second-hand textbooks for foreign education systems.


Rebat, Egypt

Abdul Rahman Rihan, Adham Abo El-Magd, Ammar Nour (Advisor), Hazem Sherif and Pavly Halim

A mobile application that connects customers with a network of food retailers that offer surplus food in half the price.


Science Crusades, USA (California, Texas, Virginia) and Philippines

Christine Sinn, Grace Sinn (Advisor), Ikera Olandesca, Kate Joukovski and Mackenzie Schultheis

Science Crusades is a multi-platform role-playing game teaching high school science through virtual experiments, gamified assessments, and interdisciplinary, interactive lessons.


Seloju Fish Farming, Liberia

Junius Koryon, Louise Kolleh, Richard Jah (Advisor) and Sema Williams

A concept that creates healthy and sustainable fish farming and harvesting opportunities in Liberia. 


Snitch, India

Anjali Navraj, Anvita Rother Pal and Shefali Saluja (Advisor)

A safety and ‘self-help' device for women enabling to attack an oppressor by releasing a gas which makes him/her unconscious.


Solarphone Solarenergy, Nigeria 

Abasifreke Sunday, Caleb Essien, Nduese Ebong (Advisor) and Wisdom Edighienyong

We are a mobile phone solar charging system. 


Sound: The Alternative Fire Extinguisher, USA (New Hampshire)

Joshua Gao, Kaitlyn Lee (Advisor) Samuel Greenberg and Srisahith Korandla

SAFE revolutionizes the fire extinguishing industry with the creation of a fire extinguisher that utilizes sound waves to extinguish fires.


Spondooli, USA (Florida)

Diego Torres Platt, Josue Basterra (Advisor), Matthew Antezana, Ryan Gibeau and Victor Diaz Gessner

Spondooli is an educational game that increases financial literacy through the stock market, and in doing so drives financial inclusion.


Stadium Ways, USA (Massachusetts)

Pratik Gazula, Ritvik Pulya, Rohan Khurana and Sastry Pulya (Advisor)

Stadium Ways decreases wait times by directing users to the shortest bathroom and concession stand lines at sporting events.


Synbiolic, Canada

Alka Saxena (Advisor), Aryan Misra, Elias Kountouris and Joey Mach

Synbiolic is a computational drug discovery platform that has a mission of accelerating rational drug design.


The Next Step, USA (Delaware, New Jersey)

Audrey String, Erin McNichol (Advisor), Lexi Goff, Lilly Rice and Maxine String

The Next Step allows children with decreased mobility to transfer from their wheelchair to the floor using a safer method. (patent pending)


#Tsavd-Tanem, Armenia

Anna Aramyan, Ellen Nazaryan, Genesis Valverde (Advisor), Mari Harutyunyan and Narek Harutyunyan

Tsavd-Tanem is a monthly subscription box offering an assortment of Armenian products for diaspora and curious minds alike.


WorkReel, USA (Washington)

Aditya Padmaraj, Dennis Berner (Advisor), Isaac Ramirez and Srikar Chava

WorkReel is an online database that showcases vlogs and advice from employees under a variety of professions.


Zero Waste Beauty Boutique, USA (Maryland)

Abboud Abboud, Calvin Stein, Deanna Smith (Advisor), Lauren Carbaugh and Stephanie Gray

A zero waste, environmentally friendly beauty and fashion boutique. 






Organic Farmers Network, USA (California)

Billy Fan, Jason Hoang, Juston Glass (Advisor) and Karan Bhasin

A streamlined service that delivers fresh, organic produce straight from farmers markets to households, and conserves bruised and backyard produce.


Pallas, China

Fanghao Shen, Holly Zhuang, Ye He and Ye He (Advisor)

100% biodegradable, all-natural hygiene pads with a percentage of sales donated to girls without access to such products to confront period poverty.


Plastizyme, USA (New Jersey)

Abby Thompson, Anna Forrest, Eray Sabuncu, Jake Freeman and James Woods (Advisor) 

Plastizyme is a widely available and accessible plastic recycler that uses newly discovered enzymes to breakdown PET at the household-level.


PoliPro, USA (New Jersey)

Ishani Sengupta, Lasya Mudigati, Sanjana Yeddula and Sreedhar Yeddula (Advisor)

PoliPro is a tool that displays consolidated information on political figures by simply highlighting their name anywhere on the internet.


QuickSale, Nigeria

Fisayo Fatade, Samuel Awoyemi (Advisor), Simi Amowoyagi, Toluwalase Oseni and Wornu Walter

QuickSale is a MobileApp that solves the problem of post-harvest wastage and eliminates middlemen barriers for farmers to maximize profit.


RestShare, USA (New York)

Deeya Patel, Divek Patel, Karan Keerthy, Nitin Seshadri and Rajesh Seshadri (Advisor)

An initiative to connect restaurants and soup-kitchens to feed food-insecure people through technology and reduce waste to help society and the environment. 


Revolution Now Media, USA (California)

Audrey Brewster, Estee Gubbay (Advisor) and Makayla Gubbay 

Revolution Now is a teen-run, multimedia organization that provides teens with the information and tools needed to create political change.


Robotics for All, USA (California)

Garrett Tieng, Maximilian Goetz and Yao Zou (Advisor)

A nonprofit which aims to help level the opportunity gap by providing free after school robotics class to underserved communities.


SchoolSmart, USA (California)

Anshay Saboo, Arne Noori, Asish Saboo (Advisor), Pranav Kanchi and Vardaan Bhat

Reinventing the ways students engage with their school community’s activities and events.


Sigma Photon, Guatemala

Evelyn Díaz (Advisor), Gabriela Cárdenas, Gabriela Córdova and Jonathan Olivares

Our product pursues to cease plastic issues by creating an eco-friendly plastic, and support activists to raise their businesses.


SustainABLE start, USA (New York)

Chloe Trujillo, Matthew Moran (Advisor) and Victoria Buendia-Serrano

SustainABLE Start creates and distributes care packages, primarily for the homeless, consisting entirely of sustainably produced toiletries and other necessities.


Talk to me, Republic of Georgia

Ana Abuashvili, Mariam Gogoreliani, Nutsa Japahridze, Salome Gigiberia and Tamta Tsutsunava (Advisor)

An application for children with deaf-mute parents.


The Helping Hoodie, USA (Texas)

Parth Doshi, Sean Gao, Shaurya Kumar, Shreya Tamma and Victoria Tam (Advisor)

A smart hoodie for wearable hugs to help individuals with autism ease symptoms of sensory overload in everyday life.


UDTech Farm System, Kenya

Amos Nyameino (Advisor), Hanifa Mutua, Happiness Wanjiru, Rose Nyambu and Sophie Mwanjewe

UD-Tech Farm System is an Agro-Tech Project that utilizes the latest IoT technology systems to help farmers increase crop production.


Vitam, USA (Michigan)

Hong Chen (Advisor), Laura Piotrowski and Linda Weng

A web-based platform that empowers aphasia patients, who have lost their ability to express and comprehend language, to communicate.


Wrap-Up, Republic of Korea

Jisun Kim (Advisor), John Kim, Kevin Park, Michael Kim and Stanley Yang

A piece of gum that allows citizens to combat global warming by throwing away wrappers which grow in to a plant.


Yizh, Ukraine

Artem Panchenko, Daria Valska, Oleh Syvash and Yuliia Shytria (Advisor)

Yizh is a website where you can purchase food with a reduced price that is close to its expiry date.


Zero%Risk, Greece

Kanella Papakosta-Sampatakaki, Maria Papangeletou and Michael Theodosopoulos (Advisor)

Zero%Risk guarantees the safety of people with a mental disease.


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