Business Innovation Teams

AI skin, USA (California)

Huisi Lam, Hui Chen (Advisor), and Angel Trach

Freemium skin cancer detection app based on deep learning algorithms.


BACvision, USA (Virginia)

Philip Pan, Mia Yang, and Jianning Guo (Advisor)

A modular apparatus that will accurately quantify blood alcohol content (BAC) and the presence of other intoxicants through ocular metrics.



Lilit Hambardzumyan (Advisor), Nvard Chalabyan, Elen Harutyunyan, Ani Grigoryan, and Sergey Badalyan

An alternative to polyethylene plastics, Our product is easily degraded by the enzymatic effects of microorganisms in soil. 


BreathAlive - marijuana breathalyzer, USA (California)

Nitin Garg (Advisor), Bharath Kumar, Rayan Garg, Arjun Kumar

A device that effectively calculates and determines the marijuana content in a person's breath.


CollegeFit, USA (Texas)

Eddy Zong (Advisor), Kelly Lu, Pratik Alladi, Varun Agarwal, and Tarun Sreedhar

CollegeFit connects high schoolers to college students for personalized shadowing/tour experiences in order to provide unique insights into colleges & their true cultures.


DRev, China

Yaqi Yang, Xinyi Lin, Changjie Wu, Ruoran Jia, and Fang Cai (Advisor)

A monitor of the status of goods in order to make the process of logistics transparent.


e-Mind, USA (New Jersey)

Chi Kin Lam, Tara Makhija, Abhishek Mhatre, Alicia Lam (Advisor), and Madison Wu

e-Mind, which stands for Electric-Medical Impulse for Neurological Disorders, is a noninvasive innovation that provides a cheaper, safer alternative treatment and solution for a wide range of conditions including Parkinson’s disease.


Epius, USA (Illinois)

Xueming Huang (Advisor), Liam Schumm, and Yao-Tian Pao-Huang

Epius is artificial intelligence designed to make manual note taking obsolete by autonomously taking notes during meetings.


EzApps, USA (Texas)

Brinda Bobbala, Malathi Kethireddy (Advisor), and Palitha Reddy 

An app that makes college apps easier for students by including the deadlines, requirements, scholarships, different programs, transcripts, and verification of submission for recommendation letters.


EzLaw, USA (California)

Ashvin Iyer, Ishir Vaidyanath, Debra Cassara (Advisor), and Tabassum Vaidyanath 

A document scanner that allows people to understand the terms and policies of a legal document without having to read through it, by highlighting the terms of agreement instead of blindly clicking yes to everything.


Falcn, USA (Michigan, New Jersey)

Neha Subrahmanyam, Om Deshmukh, Prianka Subrahmanyam (Advisor)

Falcn offers an eco-friendly and more efficient way for campers to “adventure without limits" with a fully metal collapsible camping pot that uses the smart material nitinol to expand with heat.


Flow, USA (Massachusetts, Florida)

Gabriel Quintero, Kevin Pyles (Advisor), and Kiran Pyles

An enterprise technology that provides analytics to teams about their meetings.


G.I. SPY, USA (Delaware)

Caroline Randolph, Grace Nkurunziza, Elle Jerry, and Erin McNichol (Advisor)

An app tailored towards adolescents suffering from chronic digestive diseases, and acts as a more accurate and convenient way to track pain, food, and stool, and help locate triggers in the body.


Ground Up Computer Science, USA (Delaware)

Rohan Kanchana, Christine Orzechowski (Advisor), and Noah Rossi

Modern computer science camps the way they’re supposed to be: affordable, engaging, and fun.


ilera, USA (New Hampshire)

Brandon Yan, Siddharth Gupta, Puran Bhagat (Advisor), and Pranav Abbott

An online platform that eliminates isolation and provides meaningful connections between people who are persevering through similar problems/illnesses.


Social Innovation Teams

4ai, USA (California)

Cathy Hou, Fei Fei Zhao (Advisor), and Ashley Poon

A startup, annotating non-profit based in Palo Alto, California that aims to provide jobs to people with disabilities and make advancements in the field of artificial intelligence.


Agro, Greece

Panteleimon Karasavvas, Charalampos Seimanidis, Theodoros Protekdikos, and George Tziros (Advisor)

A company which will operate stores throughout Greece and later all of Europe to provide people with low-priced fruits and vegetables that have been rejected by retailers due to cosmetic standards.


AloeAid, USA (Texas)

Akshaj Jois, Amaresh Virupaksha Jois (Advisor), and Siddhant Bhat

A revolutionary new bandage that inhibits bacterial growth by 21% in burn wounds and provides a cooling effect through the use of aloe vera polysaccharides and the novel material chitosan.


Bincle, Ukraine

Svitlana Honcharuk, Viktoriia Zhdanova, and Patrice Stankavich (Advisor)

A social enterprise which addresses the issue of the lack of disability inclusion in society by creating a mobile application with a network of caring volunteers to assist people with disabilities when they need help.


BioSpork, USA (Delaware)

Kelly Wang, Megan Chen, and Christine Orzechowski (Advisor)

An eco-friendly tool that turns imperfect produce into an easy to use utensil.


Easy Access E-Books, Sierra Leone

Isata Tejan Sesay, Ralford Rollings-Bull (Advisor), Daniel Beckley, and Fatmata Jarai Barrie

An e-learning platform that registers and gives login access to secondary school pupils in Sierra Leone.


Eedo, India

Archna Jain (Advisor), Kritika Sharma, Sneha Agarwal, Aditi Jain, and Shriya Shukla

Android application that aims to dispose of e-waste in an eco-friendly manner by providing an end to end connection between the e-waste producers and authorized recyclers.


Environment Savior Project Pakistan, Pakistan

Rakiya Sohrab (Advisor), Hasham UI haq, Shazeen Waseem, Huzaifa Bukhari, and Sania Sajid

Social enterprise that recycles plastic into a reusable raw material to be used for production of plastic goods.


Gen2Gen, Moldova

Alexei Murinets, Daria Bounegru, and Yrii Boldirev (Advisor)

A website solving a societal problem by connecting pensioners and orphans in Moldova.


Ikigai, USA (Delaware)

Jah’sima Cooper, Kim Lopez (Advisor), and Siawaa Antwa

An apartment housing complex with coaching for single mothers.


Inu, USA (Georgia, Florida)

Jett Zhang, Jun Zhang (Advisor), Steven Zhang, and Jesse Tu

An app that motivates students by facilitating conversational fulfillment, which impacts students in a positive way by encouraging them to pursue their interests.



Alfred Adeyemi, Kayode Shogbayi (Advisor), Comfort Ijaola, and Victor Aromose

A concept working towards getting JUSTICE for assaulted female children between age 9-18 years old in Nigeria.


Learning Advantage, USA (Wisconsin)

Satish Kashyap (Advisor), Maanya Kashyap, and Stephanie Chen

An innovative learning center that features an ingenious methodology tailored to the needs of differently-abled students in order to encourage them to reach their full potential.


Lending List, USA (New Jersey)

Emily Shaw, Victoria Shaw (Advisor), and Katherine Shaw

A website promoting sustainable consumption by helping people purchase less by borrowing more.


MatchMeds, USA (New Jersey, Maryland)

Prafull Sharma, Manish Sharma (Advisor), and Jun Lee

A streamlined, technology-based platform that connects low-income, uninsured patients with charitable clinics that can offer real affordable prices for brand-name medication.


mDetect, USA (Michigan)

Ramesh Ramiah (Advisor), Madhav Ramesh, and Dhruv Garg

An accessible medium for all users to detect the presence of oral cancer in its early stages, saving tens of thousands of lives.


Natrion, USA (Connecticut)

Austin Cohen, Alexander Kosyakov, Cynthia Chen, Thomas Rouffiac, Ben Jen (Advisor) 

Providing safe, affordable energy storage solutions for clean power grids through its revolutionary solid-state sodium-ion battery technology.


New Era Fashion World, Nigeria

Dorcas Bitrus, Maryam Taufiq, Maimunatu Isah, and Mathias Anthony (Advisor)

A fashion line that deals with the production of clothes, shoes and bags of different kinds.


NoteSpace, Ukraine

Davyd Viniarskyi, Nikita Taratorin, and Andrii Viniarskyi (Advisor)

A software device that helps composers and musicians, through automizing many aspects of their work, and allowing them to fully concentrate on their creative endeavors.


Optiglass, USA (Massachusetts)

Sidharth Anantha, Tushar Saxena (Advisor), and Arunima Saxena

A novel device that uses echolocation and machine learning to give the blind access to greater mobility.


Polyphone Case, China

Yizhe Gu, Penghan Wang, Xiulin Chen (Advisor), Chunyan Zhang, and Tong Wu

A phone case with fidgeting games to help people relax.


Qardian Labs, Brazil and USA (Tennessee)

Matheus Bender, Beverly Tomov (Advisor), and Sofia Tomov 

Artificial intelligence-based software solutions for evaluating heart disease risk.


Rejuvenate: A New Era of Automated Pharmaceuticals, USA (Oregon)

Li Lambert, Chaitanya Dikkala, Christian Larimer, Ramesh Krishnan (Advisor), and Santosh Ramesh

Automated pill dispensers (called PODs) that serve to help the growing problems related with pharmaceutical medication and  preventing the overuse of medication.


RODS, USA (California)

Haneef Ahmed, Matthew Wetterstrom, Cruz Lopez Vargas, Odalis Calderon, and Anthony Raffetto (Advisor)

A device that helps spinal stenosis by using two rods with sensors while sending feedback to the user.


SmartSense, USA (Texas)

Ian Pedroza, Harish Sakthi, JunYi He, and Changhua He (Advisor)

A smart, real-time, and noninvasive vape detector for improved health management of public spaces.


Tailored, Mexico and USA (California)

Melissa Khasbagan, Claire Dong, Divija Hasteer, Jorge Valdivia, and Maria Padron (Advisor)

An aggregated shopping platform for young men that reduces the time taken in the online shopping process by learning the user's style and price preference.


The X-traordinary, Spain

Sergio Ibarra, Laura Colás, Sofia Chinea, Olivia Schlaefle, and Lorea Barrón (Advisor)

An inclusive comic book of teenage superheroes with and without disabilities.


Toolbridge, USA (Texas)

Roman Ugarte, Garry Mauro (Advisor), Thana McLain, Frank Mauro, and Marcus Tita

A peer-to-peer application that connects people who need just the right tool to get the job done with people who are willing to rent their own.



Gédéon Felix Edouard, Michée Ralph Augustin, Jonathan Désir (Advisor), Lynda Florestal, and Elano Christin Bertin

A small electronic and domestic biodigester that can provide you all the energy you need for free, easily and quickly.


Virtual & Digital Learning, Liberia

Edward Lamin, Serena Barnee, Musulyn Pinney, and Leona Lamin (Advisor)

An Enterprise giving people the access to unlimited information and publishing the minds and thoughts of simple individuals or students.


Youth Entrepreneurs’ Network, India

Ishgun Singh Arora, Sejal Sud, and Gurmeet Singh (Advisor)

A social networking site aimed at providing young aspiring entrepreneurs across the globe a common platform to discuss the feasibility of their prospective start-ups and develop their entrepreneurial ideas.




Mobile Cardiologist, Italy

Omid Gholamzadeh Nasrabadi, Arash Gholamzadeh Nasrabadi (Advisor), and Francesco De Marchi

Preventing Heart failures & connecting citizens with medical personnel and a rescue network.


Mover, Spain

María Rodriguez, Maria Camilleri, Lorea Barron Blasco (Advisor), and Noelia Zoppi Pérez

An application designed for people with reduced mobility and for the elderly, with the aim of helping them to move easier and more accessibly.


Mundo en Señas, Costa Rica

Natalia Herrera, Daniel Garro (Advisor), and Mariana Herrera

A business that focuses on eliminating language barriers between the deaf and the hearing, by practicing Sign Language through an online platform, which provides a variety of learning tools.


Privasee, USA  (California)

Val Rotan, Martin Miller (Advisor), and Ryan Draper

A web-browser extension that protects your data.


PureProducts, USA (California)

Ashley Liu, Kelly Lee (Advisor), and Sophia Chen

A research- and fact-based online platform that unbiasedly ranks companies based on their sustainability and ethics to help consumers find socially responsible products.


Reenvisoned Rubbish, Guatemala

Wendlyn Stauffer (Advisor), Cloe Boissy, and Jennifer Julajuj

A business dedicated to the recycling and transformation of plastics in the developing communities of Lake Atitlan.  


RespirO2 Mask, South Korea

Angela Rhee, Sarah Lee, Samantha Lee (Advisor), and Miru Jun

A company that produces affordable reusable dust masks tailored towards varying facial structures and features to minimize leakage.


Rhi-Zone, Armenia

William Thomson (Advisor), Anna Kudlová, Elena Puzikova, Alina Enikeeva, and Jovana Grdinić

A platform for unemployed women of Armenia to produce and sell ‘souvenir inspired’ eco-bags in the Armenian and global markets.


ShelterLinks, USA (New York)

Bernard Wang, Hong Sen Du, Keith Bardsley (Advisor), Nicholas Siauw, and Pratham Rawat

A centralized platform for volunteers and donors to connect with homeless shelters and to enable businesses to increase revenue via discounts for our users through our reward system.


Skill board, Republic of Georgia

Nata Jokhadze, Ani Kapanadze, Tamar Mazmishvili, Ani Gogoladze, and Tamar Morgoshia (Advisor)

A board that develops motor skills of people with special needs and children under age of 6.


SOBROS, USA (California, New Hampshire and Texas)

Savanna Slaughter, Sam Park, Ritik Patnaik, Sam Tyagi (Advisor), and Larissa Tyagi

The sobros safe strip is a dissolvable thin film that can be slipped into a drink and turn it a fluorescent color in the presence of drugs like Rophanyl and Ketamine or simply dissolve and leave the drink unaltered in the presence of no drugs.


Solupal, USA (Minnesota)

Diana Zhu, Victoria Li, Hufsa Ahmed, Amy Helgeson (Advisor), and Michael Cao

A water-soluble and biodegradable shopping bag alternative that brings both convenience and sustainability to shoppers to combat rampant plastic waste.


Supply Drop, USA (California)

Cathy Chang, Sheryl Hsu, and Lucy Lai (Advisor)

An app that helps coordinate disaster relief resources by providing a platform where people in need can request specific supplies.


The Oil Magnet, USA (Illinois)

Sol Hwangbo, Timothy O’Connor (Advisor), Eden Gorevoy, and Marisa Patel-O’Connor

A method of oil spill clean up that combines current boom technology with magnetic nanotechnology.


Vodvoz, Czech Republic

Tomáš Hrdlička, Sebastian Štros (Advisor), Lucie Králová, Anna Muchová, and Kristýna Vlastníková

A carpooling app for parents which allows them to take turns driving their children to school.


WizSkills, India

Rishav Raj Jain (Advisor), Mehul Jain, and Bhavya Jain

A platform that helps you explore careers and connect with professionals/industry insiders from that particular domain/career.


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